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Business Administration

Does every university offer a well-rounded, Christ-centered business program? Nope. But Dordt isn’t like every university. And Dordt’s business program isn’t like every other business program. We’ll prepare you to excel in marketing. We’ll help you develop strong management skills. And we’ll also make sure you’re ready to apply your Christian worldview to your work in the business field.

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Program Overview

When it comes to business, you want a program that teaches more than theory and book knowledge. After all, the business world doesn’t always follow textbooks. At Dordt, you get the right combination of classroom education and practical, real-life application.

You’ll have opportunities to intern at nationally-known companies. To participate in the Future Leaders and Missional Entrepreneurs club. To invest real money with Defender Capital Management. Which means you’ll be ready to do business, not just know about it.

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What can I do with a degree in business administration from Dordt University?

With a degree in business administration from Dordt, we’ll prepare you for whatever path you wish to pursue. Maybe that means a career in human resources. Perhaps it’s a future in digital marketing. Or maybe you’re ready to make your mark as an entrepreneur. Whatever you feel called to do, we’ll help you prepare to tackle it head-on.

Administrative Supervisor

An Administrative Supervisor oversees the work of the staff within their organization.

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager manages all the activities associated with an organization or business.

Marketing Analyst

A Marketing Analyst examines and analyzes data in order to improve the marketing of their company.

Career Preparation

Dordt University's 2023 Career Outcome Rate was 99.4%! “This data point tells us that Dordt graduates are prepared for the careers of their choosing,” said Amy Westra, director of Career Development. “A Dordt education provides students with industry-relevant courses and connections that make a difference.”

Business Administration Major

Gain excellent leadership and management skills through Dordt’s business administration degree. Students at Dordt are challenged to learn about business from a Christian perspective. Our program gives you the chance to have hands-on experiences at multiple internship sights. Head to the city of Chicago for a semester while interning at a prestigious organization, or join a local business to help them reach their quarterly goals.

Wherever you go, Dordt will prepare you to stand out in the fast-paced world of business.

With a general emphasis on business, you will take foundational classes that go over the principles of economics, accounting, marketing, and administration. Learn about the many opportunities the business world has to offer, all with the understanding of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

To learn more, you can also view the program strengths and learning outcomes for this program.

Our graduates include directors of hospitals, senior managers of large companies, entrepreneurs and small business owners, and partners in large accounting firms.

Graduates from Dordt’s business administration and accounting programs have worked for businesses like ABS Global, the Oxford Business Group, and Wells Fargo Advisors.

The career outcome rate for our business administration majors in 2021 was 100%.

A degree in business administration will require students to complete different classes from the business administration and economics programs.

  • Computer Literacy for Business/Accounting Majors:This course teaches important computer skills used in today’s world of business. Areas of study include beginning and intermediate Excel and Word, advanced PowerPoint, an introduction to Access, and Windows and file management basics.
  • Introduction to Business: This course will prepare you to understand your calling in the business industry. This course will help develop your understanding of God’s plan for business and how you can become an effective Kingdom citizen in this area of work. This course will also help you gain a better understanding of the different roles people play within a business and the ways these roles work together for the effectiveness of the business. Finally, this course will provide students with advice on how to be successful within the business major.
  • Principles of Financial Accounting: Introduces the concepts and terminology of accounting and financial reporting for modern business enterprises. The course is centered around analyzing and interpreting accounting information for use in making decisions about organizations. There is a special emphasis on analyzing the balance sheet, the statement of income and expense, the statement of cash flows, and the statement of stockholders’ equity. Additional emphasis is placed on problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills that are necessary for forming conclusions about business activities and to communicate these conclusions to others.
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting: An introduction to managerial accounting, presenting basic accounting concepts that are important to management decisions. Emphasis is placed on analyzing and interpreting accounting information that enables management accountants to work with managers from other areas, particularly marketing and operations, and to make decisions about costing, pricing, and production. The tools and information that are important are described within the decision framework rather than as isolated accounting procedures.
  • Principles of Management: An introductory course in management theory and practice. Major topics covered include planning and strategic management, organizational design, leadership and motivation theory, and control mechanisms.
  • Principles of Marketing: A study of marketing institutions, product development, channels of distribution, price determination, promotion methods, government influences, and ethical problems facing marketing personnel. Includes a foundational study and discussion of business from a Christian perspective.
  • Professional Practices: Career Preparation and Etiquette: Students will learn the purpose and process of preparing for a career and will learn formal etiquette useful in many areas of life. We will use hands-on learning to ascertain knowledge about finding and applying for jobs, workplace professionalism, professional interviewing, applying for graduate school, and other topics related to career preparation.
  • Corporate Finance: An introduction to the theory, issues, and practice of business finance. Key components include valuation of financial assets, financial planning and control, working capital management, and capital budgeting.
  • Senior Business and Economics Ethics Seminar: An integration of departmental courses involving student research and analysis on current topics in business and economics, with primary emphasis on Christian perspectives for the businessperson and economist. Required for senior majors in business administration or economics.
  • Principles of Economics: Micro: The study of allocation of scarce resources at the level of the individual, household, and firm. Included are human motivation and preferences, the market, the function of prices, supply, demand, perfect and imperfect competition, and selected policy questions. Christian views on the nature of humanity, human motivation, and the market are also studied.
  • Principles of Economics: Macro: An introduction to the study of human choice in the allocation of scarce resources, concentrating on the aggregate or national level. Economic systems, national income accounts and analysis, income distribution, fiscal and monetary policy, banking systems, economic growth, and selected economic policy problems are covered. Christian views on the origin and nature of economic resources and humankind’s stewardship responsibilities are discussed.

See the course catalog for more information.

The Dordt business and education departments have teamed up to become a fully certified Center for Economic Education (CEE) in Iowa. Dordt hopes to increase economic and financial literacy for students in the area.

Get involved through an internship with a business locally or elsewhere—taking learning outside the classroom is a unique way for you to explore your career options, see corporate culture in real-time environment, and gain necessary practical experience to amplify classroom learning.

  • Roughly 90 percent of our students participate in an internship. The business department averages more than 65 internships per year. Students may participate in a variety of local, national, or international internships. The Chicago Semester Program and the European Studies Program (SPICE) are just some options.
  • Our interns have handled an enormous variety of tasks and projects, including preparing income tax returns, arranging press releases, working with payroll, developing marketing questionnaires, cataloging museum items, and more.
  • We dedicate a large portion of one faculty member's time to internship placement and supervision. Our partnership with Dordt's Career Development Center, has led to a long-term business and accounting job placement rate above 95 percent for Dordt graduates with degrees in these fields.

Program Options

Minor Options

Our business program offers students a variety of minors, allowing you to diversify your degree so that you can be even more marketable when you pursue your calling.

Education Emphasis

An education emphasis is also available with the business program. As you study business you'll also train in education, giving you the tools to teach others.

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Ready to take the next step?

Student Stories

Dordt students and alumni use their gifts to make a difference in the world. Check out their stories to see how Defender Nation lives out our mission to work effectively toward Christ-centered renewal in all aspects of contemporary life.

Reaching Her Greatest Potential

Abby Vander Werf

With both of her parents being Dordt alumni, Abby knew she was walking into an amazing organization that would provide her with an abundant of opportunities, and that it did.

Abby Vander Werf

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A picture of Mark Bakker

Living Out "Soli Deo Gloria"

Mark Bakker

Despite his injury freshman year, Mark was able to lean on the relationships and culture of Dordt that were built up around him and further grow his faith.

Mark Bakker

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A picture of Dordt's clocktower and campus center

Broadening Faith

Jacob Clark

With Dordt's environment of small class sizes and student-teacher interaction, Jacob was much more prepared for graduate school and beyond.

Jacob Clark

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A picture of Braden Konyenbelt posing with his dogs

Memories that Last Forever

Braden Konynenbelt

Braden was immediately embraced by the culture of Dordt which allowed him to overcome his feelings of uncertainty and develop relationships and memories that would last a lifetime.

Braden Konynenbelt

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A picture of Dordt's clocktower and campus center

Resources to Achieve

Erika Post

With Dordt's help in figuring out her strengths and weaknesses, Erika was able to narrow down the business career paths that were right for her and find the perfect opportunity for her after graduating.

Erika Post

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A picture of Kaysha Steiger

Following God's Map

Kaysha Steiger

Kaysha's experiences at Dordt molded her into the person she is today as she was able to learn to rely on God through life's uncertainties and develop amazing relationships along the way.

Kaysha Steiger

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A picture of Jacob VanDyken with his family

Theatre, Community, and Growth

Jacob Van Dyken

Although his work experience does not line up with his college degrees, Jacob's experience with Dordt's community and education prepared him for his job in which he is constantly interacting with people.

Jacob Van Dyken

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A picture of Lucas Vander Berg

Actual Actuarial Experience

Lucas Vander Berg

With the level of work and trust that he was given by Dordt's faculty, Lucas was able to experience and participate in a variety of different research projects that ultimately prepared him for the amazing opportunities he received after college.

Lucas Vander Berg

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A picture of a women in a light blue shirt with holding a laptop

Blessings through Trials and Opportunities

Emily Visser

With a fresh start in a new state away from home, Emily's experiences at Dordt brought new opportunities and understandings of God's kingdom, as well as taught her the lessons that shaped her into the person that God wanted her to be.

Emily Visser

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