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Business Administration Minor

If you’re not majoring in Business Administration but still have a strong interest in it, a Business Administration minor is perfect for you. You’ll build your knowledge and understanding of the business world. You’ll gain important skills to help you achieve success. And you’ll learn how to apply your unique Christian worldview to all of it.

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Program Overview

The business administration minor pairs well with nearly any major Dordt offers. Why? Because the foundational elements of a business education can apply to almost any career path you want to consider. Communication skills. Business insights. Management principles. They’re all part of a business administration minor. And they’re all part of your future.

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What You'll Learn

The business administration minor coursework teaches economics, accounting, and computer literacy. It also teaches courses in marketing and management. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to apply a tactful business mindset to your decision-making throughout your career.

What You Can Do With A Business Administration Minor

The business administration minor opens up so many opportunities it’s tough to list them all. Whether you pursue a business-focused career or you simply apply business savvy to your job, you can make a positive impact with a business administration minor.

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager oversees the recruitment, hiring, and training of new sales staff members.

Office Manager

Office Managers are given the task of determining different office procedures and communicating with staff about these procedures.

Financial Planner

Financial Planners help their clients understand their financial goals and build plans to meet these goals.

To earn a business administration minor, students will need to complete five business administration courses, one economics course, and one elective of their choice from either the business administration or the economics programs.

  • Computer Literacy for Business/Accounting Majors: This course teaches important computer skills used in today’s world of business. Areas of study include beginning and intermediate Excel and Word, advanced PowerPoint, an introduction to Access, and Windows and file management basics.
  • Principles of Financial Accounting: Introduces the concepts and terminology of accounting and financial reporting for modern business enterprises. The course is centered around analyzing and interpreting accounting information for use in making decisions about organizations. There is a special emphasis on analyzing the balance sheet, the statement of income and expense, the statement of cash flows, and the statement of stockholders’ equity. Additional emphasis is placed on problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills that are necessary for forming conclusions about business activities and to communicate these conclusions to others.
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting: An introduction to managerial accounting, presenting basic accounting concepts that are important to management decisions. Emphasis is placed on analyzing and interpreting accounting information that enables management accountants to work with managers from other areas, particularly marketing and operations, and to make decisions about costing, pricing, and production. The tools and information that are important are described within the decision framework rather than as isolated accounting procedures.
  • Principles of Management: An introductory course in management theory and practice. Major topics covered include planning and strategic management, organizational design, leadership and motivation theory, and control mechanisms.
  • Principles of Marketing: A study of marketing institutions, product development, channels of distribution, price determination, promotion methods, government influences, and ethical problems facing marketing personnel. Includes a foundational study and discussion of business from a Christian perspective.
  • Principles of Economics: Micro: The study of allocation of scarce resources at the level of the individual, household, and firm. Included are human motivation and preferences, the market, the function of prices, supply, demand, perfect and imperfect competition, and selected policy questions. Christian views on the nature of humanity, human motivation, and the market are also studied.
  • One elective from business administration or economics

See the course catalog for more information.

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