For Parents

Welcome to the Dordt University family! If you are a parent of a student interested in attending Dordt or a parent of a current student, we're here to partner with you as you guide, encourage, and support your student through this next part of their journey. We hope you find helpful information on this page for parents.

We encourage you to sign up for our parent communication platform. There, we share news, events, deadline reminders, and exciting things that are happening on campus. The communication is designed to where your student is at in the college application process or year at Dordt and you pick how often you want to hear from us.

We're here to help, please reach out if you have questions.

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Important Dates

The following table includes important dates that come up throughout the year.



May 10-12, 2022


May 13, 2022


August 24-26, 2022

International/ESL Student Orientation

August 26-27, 2022

Freshmen move-in (meals are provided by Dordt starting August 27 until their meal plans begin on August 30)

August 29, 2022

Transfer Student Orientation

August 30, 2022

Classes start and Tuition due

October 28-29, 2022

Defender Days

November 23-28, 2022

Thanksgiving Break

December 15-20, 2022


December 21, 2022 –

January 11, 2023

Christmas Break

January 12, 2023

Spring Semester starts

March 4-14, 2023Spring Break
April 7-10, 2023Easter Break
May 12, 2023Commencement

Dordt students hold up "Honk if you love Dordt" signs

Other Events

Week of Welcome (WOW) is an exciting time on campus when students move in and there are a host of activities for you and your student to attend to become acquainted with the campus and our community.

Defender Days is an exciting time on campus. Parents, alumni, and friends of the college are invited in October to come to campus and enjoy a number of exciting performance, sporting events, and classes to attend with your child.

Commencement events are held at the beginning of May and all parents, siblings, and grandparents are welcome to join us as you celebrate the graduation of your student.

Regional events are organized so we can bring the Dordt community to you. Parents, alumni, and friends of the university will be invited to any events in your area. We will also keep you informed when athletic teams, music ensembles, and student groups will be in your area. We hope that as connections are made, the Dordt community will be extended, remembered, and passed on to the next generations.

If there is anything else we can do for you, please call us at 712-722-6022 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you.

Student Mailing Address

All students enrolled at Dordt will have an identifying DU box number, which should be on every piece of mail that is sent to them. Students will NOT have an actual mailbox, but this DU number is necessary to route their mail correctly. An email will be sent to students when any piece of mail (letter or package) is received for them, and hours will be posted for pickup at the Print and Mail Center in the classroom building.

Please use the following address to have mail or packages sent to students:

Student Name
Dordt University
DU Box (----) - ask your student for their box number
651 6th St NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250

Parent Testimonial

There is no question in my mind that God has used Dordt to play an incredibly important role, at a very crucial juncture in our son’s life, to discover his place in God's world. And it's because Dordt is serious about their mission and vision for discipling young people to find their place in God's world, that students can leave here with a sense of mission and vision for their own individual lives.

-Parent from Branchville, NJ

Other Information

Dordt has a communication portal where we share campus news, events, and helpful information for parents when you want it and catered to the year your student is in college and your interests.

Set up your account here

If you'd like to make a payment online or enroll in the payment plan through Dordt's third party servicing agent, ACI, you can choose one of the previous links, or read more about our payment options.

The Defender Parent Handbook outlines the ways we strive to welcome you and your student into the Dordt family and share more about our campus and services. Parents receive their handbook during Week of Welcome.

Download a digital copy

Interested in sending your student a care package for a study break or birthday or to cheer up someone who isn't feeling well? You can purchase your choice of three care package options through Dordt Dining, or a balloon bouquet through the Dordt Campus Store:

  • Celebration Package ($35) - Commemorate a special day with one hand-decorated cake or one dozen cupcakes. Plates, forks, and napkins are included. The cake includes a message (40 letters or fewer) and any decorating preferences. Cake flavors available: chocolate or vanilla.
  • Study Break Snack Pack ($25) - Perfect for students on the go. The snack pack consists of six pieces of fresh seasonal fruit, four granola bars, two jumbo muffins, bottled water, and six chocolate chip cookies.
  • Get Well Soon Package ($25) - This care package contains soup, Gatorade, water, and orange juice. The Get Well Soon pack is sure to help your student feel better in no time. Crackers, two oranges, a can of soup (chicken noodle or tomato), a customizable Get Well Soon card, spoons, and napkins are included.

Call (712) 722-6440 to order food care packages. Checks or money orders payable to Dordt University c/o Dordt Dining Services 700 7th St NE, Sioux Center, IA 51250. Please note that care packages must be ordered at least three days in advance.

  • Contact the Dordt Campus Store to send your student a balloon bouquet. A balloon bouquet costs $16 and comes with two latex and a mylar balloon (thinking of you, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or graduation). Customization is available upon request, such as upgrading to include a stuffed animal, candy, or apparel.

To order call 712-722-6420 or email


Students must submit immunization records and complete the Health Information Form found on Questions about health records or immunizations can be directed to Beth Baas at 712-722-6990.

Please reach out to the Business Office at 712-722-6013 if you have questions or need to make a payment. Bills are sent to the student’s home address in mid-July. Included in that mailing will be payment information. Payment information is also available to your student on

Your student has access on to see if these items are completed. If you have questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact Harlan Harmelink at 712-722-6082.

This letter shows how much your student owes for classes. This is due when classes start or you may contact the Business Office for a payment plan. This financial aid letter is also available to your student on

Students need to complete the emergency contact form found on Please review our student privacy policy.

  • Towels and washcloths
  • Pillow
  • Twin-size extra long bed linens
  • Shower caddy to transport toiletries to and from bathroom
  • Clothing iron (ironing boards provided)
  • Quarters for laundry
  • Laundry basket to transport laundry
  • Laundry detergent
  • Phone
  • Alarm clock
  • Plants are allowed
  • Fish are allowed (no other pets)
  • Hot pots (small plug-in appliance for heating water) and snack masters (small plug-in appliance for making sandwiches) are allowed in the residence hall rooms, but microwaves and toasters are not.
  • Portable fan for warm summer nights
  • Power strip with a surge protector (if you bring a computer, stereo, or TV)
  • Possibly a shelf for food, dishes, etc.
  • Possibly a small fridge not exceeding 6 cubic feet
  • Computer, if you have one
  • You may bring game systems, but many students decide to leave them at home to avoid distraction from studies. Remember that you are here to get an education, so please be wise in your decision about whether or not to bring game systems to campus.

Remember: BBQ grills, air soft guns, candles, incense, sexually suggestive posters, extension cords, and firearms are not allowed in residence halls or apartments.

Housing policies can be found in the Student Handbook.

  • Your student will pick up room keys on campus during move-in at their dorm building.
  • Students will pick up their ID card in the Campus Center during Freshmen Orientation. Their ID gives them access to buildings, meals, the library, and sporting events.
  • Bike registration - student completes on
  • Car Registration - student completes on

Health Insurance:

Consider contacting your health insurance carrier to inform them that your child will be away at college and to discuss how the student should access care while outside of your network area. Some regional HMO plans can create challenges. You should also check your coverage to determine how potential COVID testing and vaccination would be covered in the event that was necessary.

  • For information on health insurance options available locally, contact the Dordt University Business Office at 712-722-6010. We can provide the names of local brokers.
Property insurance:

Dordt University does not insure the contents of rooms in our residence halls and apartments. Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance normally covers the contents of a student’s room. You may wish to check, particularly if your student will be bringing many valuable possessions such as a large television to college.

Student privacy

The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) assigns to the student, not the parent, certain privacy rights regarding their educational record; Dordt adheres to this privacy act. At the time your student enters college, the right to see educational and health information transfers from the parents to the student.

We understand that these privacy rights can be frustrating for parents who have had access and regular contact regarding their student's educational and health information in the past. Many parents want to know that their student is attending classes, receive information about a visit to Health Services, grades they are earning or the progress they are making toward completing their degree. This is academic and health information that we are not able to share with parents.

What can you do as parents to learn about your student's education, emotional or physical health? Talk to your student. Ask them questions about classes they are taking, the professors they have, their daily schedule, and the grades they receive on exams.

While Dordt cannot release specific academic or health information about students, we are happy to respond to your questions about campus policies. If at any time you are concerned that your student is at risk due to their emotional or physical health, please make us aware of these concerns so that we can follow up appropriately. Please due bear in mind that just like in your physician’s office, health and counseling services at Dordt require your student's signed consent prior to sharing information with a parent.

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Official letters of changes in academic standing are sent to the student at their home address.
  • Families are notified in the event of an emergency or if their involvement is required for the resolution of judicial or behavioral issues.
  • Students are required to complete an emergency contact information form each year on so that we know who to reach out to in the event of an emergency.

Dordt desires to walk alongside your student as they grow academically, spiritually, and socially during their years on campus. It is our desire to help develop their independence, problem-solving, and discipline as young adults. For this reason, we will encourage students to communicate with parents regarding academic, personal, and medical issues. It is up to the student to decide if they choose to share this information.

Dorms & Apartments

Here's more information about our dorms and apartments:

West Hall

East Hall

North Hall

Covenant Hall

Southview Apartments

Kuyper Apartments

Parent FAQs

  • What size are the mattresses on campus? The mattresses on campus are twin, extra long. You will want extra-long sheets.
  • Are students allowed to stay in their rooms during school breaks? Students are not allowed to stay on campus during Christmas or Spring breaks. Some students may live on campus during the summer and should contact Student Services to apply.
  • What kind of furniture is provided in dorms? West Hall, North Hall, and East Hall have built-in loft beds and closets. Desks are also provided for each student. Covenant Hall has stackable furniture for beds and desks. All apartment buildings provide stackable bedroom furniture and desk. They also provide a kitchen table and chairs.
  • Can a student bring a window fan to use in their room? Window fans are acceptable, but portable air conditioning units of any kind are not permitted.
  • Can students bring a refrigerator to campus? Refrigerators are allowed in residence hall rooms but they can be no larger than 6 cubic feet.

  • If students have their own computer, is there somewhere they can print or do they also need their own printer? If students do not have their own computer, is there a computer lab where they can type and print their own papers? Dordt has six main computer labs available for student use, as well as six computer stations in various residence halls. Located in the library, computer center, and engineering department, the main labs provide several applications for course work. Computers are also located in Southview, Covenant Hall, West Hall, North Hall, and East Hall. These residence hall labs are open 24 hours a day. Students may print in the library.
  • What software should our student install if bringing their own computer? Dordt uses Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) 2010. While we don’t require this software, many students find it useful.
  • Are there internet lock-out programs on campus? Yes, we use content filtering software that limits access to pornographic material. We do not allow access to instant messaging programs (MSN, AOL) from Dordt owned computers. We expect students to follow the responsible use of technology guidelines found in the student handbook.
  • Can our student bring a television with them for their room? Yes, they can bring a television, but no toasters, microwaves, or appliances with open heating coils are allowed. Small refrigerators of 6.0 cubic feet or less are allowed.
  • Is there a cable hook–up for television in the individual residence hall rooms? Yes, every room has a hook-up for cable for televisions.

  • Are there laundry facilities available on campus? Each dorm building has facilities for laundry available in the basement. Students must bring their own laundry detergent and quarters to pay for services.
  • Do we need to bring a waste paper basket for our student’s room? Waste paper and recycling baskets are provided for each student’s room. Students are responsible for taking out their own trash.
  • Do our students need to bring their own cleaning supplies to clean their bathrooms? Is there a vacuum available to them? Every dorm and apartment building has vacuums available for students to use. Students living in apartment buildings should bring their own cleaning supplies for their apartment and bathroom. The community bathrooms in the dorm buildings are cleaned by Maintenance staff on a daily basis.

  • What immunizations should my student have? Students do need to have immunizations completed prior to the beginning of classes. The requirements and instructions to submit health information can be found on the Student Health and Counseling Center page.
  • Does my student need a physical before attending? A physical exam is not required for enrollment. The Athletic and Nursing Departments each require a physical exam before students can participate in athletics or nursing classes. Please contact those departments directly for more information.
  • What types of medical and counseling services are offered on campus? It is the mission of The Student Health and Counseling Center to support students by promoting and maintaining optimal physical and emotional health as they pursue their academic and life goals. Students can make appointments with The Student Health and Counseling Center through View a complete listing of services offered on campus. Dordt also offers counseling services to support students who are facing emotional and relational distress. Students can make appointments with a counselor by emailing View more information on counseling services.
  • How can I obtain access to my student's health and medical information? In compliance with professional standards of practice as well as state and federal laws of privacy and disclosure of information, The Student Health and Counseling Center protects the health information of each student and does not release or discuss health information with parents without the student’s signed consent. The Student Health and Counseling Center also adheres to a policy of strict confidentiality and does not discuss a student’s care without signed consent. Should your student’s medical or psychological health reach a threshold where they are unsafe or become a threat to themselves or others, parents/ guardians will be contacted by The Student Health and Counseling Center, a counselor, or the Dean of Students.
  • For more information on students' health information please read the Student Privacy policy.

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