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Interested in owning or running your own business someday? Looking to learn about how to be more innovative in your work? Then consider Dordt's entrepreneurship emphasis. Entrepreneurship is more than big ideas and vision. We’ll help you learn how to apply those big ideas practically and effectively.

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Program Overview

The entrepreneurship emphasis combines innovative thinking with traditional business courses. If you’re an innovator, creative thinker, or idea generator, the entrepreneurship emphasis exists for people like you.

Blaze a trail. Get your big ideas out there. And learn how God can use your entrepreneurial spirit to change the world.

What You'll Learn

While studying entrepreneurship, you’ll learn the foundations of business through your coursework and hands-on application. You’ll also learn social entrepreneurship. You’ll take classes on innovation and creative thinking, and you’ll learn how to apply entrepreneurship to small business management.

What You Can Do With An Entrepreneurship Emphasis

Entrepreneurship can be a vague concept. Our job is to help you prepare to apply your unique skills and ideas in an effective way. By getting an emphasis in entrepreneurship, you’ll be ready to work as a business consultant, fundraiser, or marketer. Or maybe you’ll want to develop a product or service and manage the business. The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination and vision.

Business Consultant

A Business Consultant is a professional advisor that helps a company achieve the desired outcome of their operations in a specific area of the business.

Sales Representative

A Sales Representative represents a company’s brand while helping them sell their products and services.


A Recruiter is responsible for finding qualified candidates for job openings and work and fulfill the demands of the employer and employee.

In addition to completing the general requirements for a business administration degree, students who choose the entrepreneurship emphasis will complete six business administration courses, one communication course, one English course, and six elective credits from accounting, business administration, or economics. Additionally, these electives can be from other programs if approved in consultation with the student's advisor. Students will also develop a business plan and practice pitching their business to the rest of the class.

  • Human Resource Management: Introduces students to the role that Human Resource Management (HRM) plays in organizational settings. Course content is geared towards developing the foundational body of knowledge required of entry-level HRM practitioners and is organized around the four foundation areas of HRM expertise: staffing and recruitment, employee and organizational development, compensation and benefits administration, and labor relations.
  • Introduction to QuickBooks: This elective course provides an introduction to and overview of QuickBooks, a computerized accounting software package popular in small- and mid-sized businesses. A main component of the course will be hands-on practice. By the time you complete this course you will have a good idea of all that QuickBooks offers, be familiar with the most common tasks, and know where to find information about more advanced features.
  • Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management: A study of the importance of entrepreneurship in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors to the development of a society, emphasizing the different paths to business concepts, interactions with entrepreneurs, and the development of a business plan.
  • Serving through Selling and Retailing: Using lectures, class discussion, and small group activities, you will learn about the exciting fields of Personal Selling and Retailing. The basic areas of retail management will be covered: buying, merchandising, retail promotion, store location, store layout, credit management, and inventory control. Emphasis is on practical application of retail management principles. Also includes a study of the discipline of personal selling, including both sales strategies and sales management. Emphasis is given to both personal as well as business and industry sales applications. Topics include sales training, sales preparation, prospecting methods, types of presentations, handling buyer questions, closing methods, post-sales service, and sales management. Both areas will be approached from the perspective of serving others through these disciplines.
  • Interpersonal Communication: The study of concepts, problems, and responsibilities in communication between two or more persons, focusing on conversation with consideration of many variables and contexts.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: This course examines the role of social entrepreneurship, which combines the innovative and resource maximizing principles of business to improving social and environmental issues, in contributing to the common good of communities. Students will examine current social and environmental issues at the local and global level and consider ways to effectively address these issues.
  • Innovation and Creative Thinking: Innovation and creativity are essential for organizations to thrive. Innovative thinking has become central to problem solving in our organizations and our communities. This course provides an overview of the processes that leads to innovative outcomes. Emphasis is on developing a systematic approach to problem solving and explores a variety of design-based methodologies. You will explore and expand your own innovation and creativity through concrete exercises and tools to reignite imagination, develop creative routines, encourage creative problem solving and spark innovative thinking. You will learn to recognize, analyze and support individual and group creativity. This course is appropriate for students in any major.
  • Six credits from Accounting, Business Administration or Economics
    • *Alternative interdisciplinary courses may also be approved in consultation with the student’s advisor.

See the course catalog for more information.

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