Kuyper Honors Program

The Kuyper Honors Program in Christian scholarship is more than an honors program. Designed to provide highly motivated and academically gifted students with scholarly challenges throughout and beyond the regular curriculum, this program includes three components-interdisciplinary work, theoretical understanding, and seminar participation and leadership-all built on a Christian foundation. The program seeks not only to prepare leaders for the Christian and world communities but also to advance the academic atmosphere at Dordt. Throughout their undergraduate experience, participating students work closely with their Kuyper Honors Program advisors and faculty mentors to reach their goals.


Students who enroll in the Kuyper Honors Program will:
  • Develop their understanding of integral Christian scholarship.
  • Increase their ability to do interdisciplinary, theoretical, and collaborative scholarly work.
  • Identify and cultivate their scholarly gifts.
  • Develop a Kuyperian sense of scholarly work as calling to a particular kind of service in God's kingdom.
  • Develop critical-thinking, argumentation, writing, and public-speaking skills.


The Kuyper Honors Program is designed to fit with every major at Dordt. To graduate from the program, students will take the following courses, some of which satisfy general education and major requirements:

  • 18 KSP credits in these areas:
    • KSP 151: Rhetoric & Christian Scholarship
    • KSP 110: Attending/responding to Scholars Events
    • KSP 120: Participating in Scholars Seminars
    • KSP 220: Leading Scholars Seminars
    • KSP 230: Learning Portfolio
    • KSP 381-386: Group Scholars Projects
    • KSP 391-396: Individual Scholars Projects
    • KSP 291-293: Scholars Contracts in regular courses (credits from both the contract and the course count towards Kuyper Honors Program)
  • A lab science course
  • Stat 131 or Math 151 or higher

This sequence of courses starts with an introduction to Christian scholarship, coupled with the necessary reading, writing, communication, and discussion skills used throughout the program. Building on this foundation, Kuyper Scholars conduct individual and group research projects. Kuyper Scholars are mentored through these projects by faculty from throughout the academic disciplines. Upon completing projects, Kuyper Scholars present their work in seminars involving the entire community of scholars. In addition, Kuyper Scholars are invited to social events, special dinners, discussions with guest lecturers, study abroad programs, and conferences.


Admission into Kuyper Honors Program depends on an entrance essay, letters of recommendation, and demonstrated academic ability. Of primary importance are the entrance essay and letters of recommendation that must demonstrate the student's character and potential for academic excellence in the pursuit of serviceable insight in the area of Christian scholarship. Specific application information can be found here.

To remain in the Kuyper Honors Program students must maintain a 3.25 GPA and remain active participants in Kuyper Honors Program. Students in Kuyper Honors Program will receive an annual $2,000 Kuyper Scholarship.