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Financial Aid

What's going on with the FAFSA?

Your Guide to Financial Aid

Dordt University wants to make quality Christian education a reality for you—which is why over 98% of our 1,500+ students received more than $40 million in total financial aid during the last school year. In other words, nearly all Dordt students receive at least some financial aid. We know paying for college can be an intimidating thought, but we want to make things simple and realistic for you. Start by exploring the information on this page, then contact our financial aid office with any questions.

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About Financial Aid

Financial aid is funding available specifically to students attending a post-secondary education institution like Dordt. Essentially, it's money you receive to help pay for the costs of your education, including tuition, food and housing, textbooks, and more.

Think of financial aid like an award; in most cases, you'll need to apply for financial aid to demonstrate your needs and your qualifications. If you meet the criteria for a specific form of financial aid (e.g. a scholarship) you will be awarded those funds, and Dordt will apply them to your student account.

There are three basic sources of financial aid:

  1. Federal and state governments

  2. Dordt University

  3. Outside sources

Some forms of financial aid are gifts that you don't have to pay back (e.g. grants). Others are borrowed funds that you will need to pay back over time (e.g. loans). More on that below.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application for admission to Dordt. Don't forget to include a copy of your high school transcript.

  2. Complete all Dordt scholarship applications and send them to us by December 1. Scholarship applications are available and can be printed from our scholarships page.

  3. If you are a U.S. citizen, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This online form will be available in December for 2024-25 at https://fafsa.gov. Remember, after applying online, both you and your parents must sign the form electronically. A paper FAFSA can be requested by calling 1-800-4FED-AID. We also ask that you complete the Dordt Supplemental Data Form.

  4. If you are a Canadian citizen, you must complete the Dordt Canadian Financial Aid Form.

  5. U.S. and Canadian students who wish to work on campus must also complete the Application for Employment Form. Priority deadline for these forms is June 1.

A complete summary of all federal, state, and college financial aid will be sent to you after we have received your financial information and the Dordt University Supplemental Data Form. Financial aid award letters will be sent out on a rolling basis beginning in February.

A Best Value School

Dordt ranked No. 14 – “Best Value Schools (Regional Universities—Midwest),” which includes institutions that provide the best value for students based on academic quality and college costs.

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Financial Aid Options

Dordt students have four primary financial aid options to choose from: scholarships, grants, loans, and work. We encourage you to take advantage of as many as you need; it's very common for students to rely on multiple sources of aid to fund their time at Dordt.


A scholarship is an earned gift. You earn it by achieving excellence in academics or co-curricular activities. It never has to be repaid.

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A grant is a gift that is based primarily on the financial need of your family. It never has to be repaid.

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A loan is not a gift. However, student loans provide money for schooling at the lowest possible interest rates, and under many loan programs, interest does not accumulate while the student is in school.

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The employment programs provide part-time jobs that are funded by either the federal and state governments or by Dordt University.

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U.S. Federal Aid

If you are a U.S. citizen, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This form may be submitted in December for 2024-25. After applying online you and your parents must sign the form either by submitting a hard-copy signature or signing the form electronically.

Please complete the Dordt Supplemental Data Form. If you are interested in working on campus, and meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply for Student Employment. The priority deadline is June 1.

The Dordt University Federal ID is #001859.

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Financial Aid Timeline

To receive as much financial aid as possible, be sure to submit your applications on time. Make note of the following financial aid deadlines and submit your materials as early as you can.

AnytimeApplication for Admission


FAFSA and SDF available
Dec. 1Priority deadline for activity and donor funded scholarships
Jan.-MayNotification of financial aid award packages for new students
Apr. 1Financial aid application process should be completed
June-JulyAcademic pre-registration process
JulyNotification of room assignments and final informational mailing
Aug. 24Week of Welcome begins

Need to Verify Information on Your FAFSA?

You can find more information about the federal verification process here.

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