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If you’re reading this now, you’re engaging in communication. That text you just sent your friend, the video you uploaded on TikTok yesterday, and that tweet you posted a second ago? All communication.

It’s not an exaggeration to say communication is happening all around us, all the time. So if you want to better understand how everyday conversations connect us, consider a communication major at Dordt. You’ll develop your communication skills. You’ll understand how communication shapes society. And you’ll learn how to communicate as a Christian in an increasingly complicated world.

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Program Overview

Dordt’s communication degree gets you more than a piece of paper to hang on the wall. It prepares you for a lifetime of communicating with confidence. It prepares you to lead others through strong, clear communication. And it opens up a wide, wide range of career options upon graduating.

Opportunities to do, not just learn: it’s what sets Dordt’s communication program apart from so many others. Whether it’s writing for the school newspaper, making your own films, working for the campus radio station, or broadcasting on the Dordt Media Network, you’ll put your classroom knowledge to work in the field.

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What can I do with a degree in communications from Dordt University?

Communication majors at Dordt go on to successful careers in public relations, sales, journalism, filmmaking, writing, broadcast, advertising, social media…and the list goes on.

On top of that, our communication graduates had a career outcome rate of 100% in 2021. That means students leave with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the workforce. The question isn’t what can you do with a communication degree from Dordt—it’s what can’t you do?

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is responsible for developing content and managing a company’s online presence.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers organize campaigns to raise awareness and create demand for certain products and services.

Human Resource Specialist

Human Resource Specialists are responsible for employee relations and several tasks that fall under the hiring process.

Program Options

Communication Major

Calling all chatterboxes out there, this major is perfect for you, or anyone interested in learning how to communicate effectively. Our communication studies emphasis is designed to produce leading communicators in the industry.

Challenge yourself by writing for the Dordt Diamond, or learn about sports broadcasting with the Dordt Media Network! Create promotional videos for the college and sports highlights for Defender athletic events. Opportunities are endless with communication studies.

In these classes, learn about the behavior of different forms of communication whether it be psychological, cultural, professional, or social. Your classes are taught from a distinct Christian perspective. You will also be given the chance to pick three courses of interest that fit a vocational calling that you feel drawn to.

To learn more, you can also view the program strengths and learning outcomes for this program.

Dordt’s communication program will prepare you for a career in public speaking, journalism, public relations, filmmaking, and more. Our professors will teach you the communication skills you will use inside and outside the workplace.

Graduates of Dordt’s communication program have worked for businesses like Disney, Aflac, Wonderful Citrus, Radio FM Media, and more.

The career outcome rate for our communication graduates in 2021 was 100 percent.

A degree in communication will require students to complete six communication courses. Each student will also choose an emphasis with additional courses to take.

  • First Semester Seminar: Designed to introduce the beginning communication student to some basic principles and thought in the field of communication. Offered in a seminar style, each week we will meet to cover key concepts of communication, such as the communication model, areas of communication, and preparing for a career in communication. This introductory course is designed for new communication students, but anyone wanting an overall understanding of communication and its principles will benefit as well.
  • Interpersonal Communication: The study of concepts, problems, and responsibilities in communication between two or more persons, focusing on conversation with consideration of many variables and contexts.
  • Introduction to Mass Communication: An introduction to the concept of mass communication and its application to electronic and written media. The course will survey the historical development of technology and the impact of mass communication on culture and society.
  • Introduction to Journalism: An overview of how the insights and skills gained by journalists as they examine and understand the world can be used to sustain and build community. Students examine the reporter’s role and mandate in society, the current state of the news media, and how Christians can use journalism to serve the public good by helping a civilization confront its challenges. The course emphasizes doing journalism with practice in several types of creative but factual storytelling for print, audio, and video media. Students also explore the historical and cultural foundations of journalism and investigate journalism theories.
  • Communication Law and Ethics: The course examines the legal roots behind the notion of a public media. Students will explore the laws protecting communication in the public square. Students will study the ethics highlighting a communication professional’s responsibilities in the face of these legal freedoms and protections. Paying particular attention to principles from a Christian perspective and using case studies, mock trials, and role playing, students will look at both what a communicator can do and what a communicator should do.
  • Senior Seminar: The capstone course for all communication majors – communication studies, digital media, healthcare communication, journalism, and public relations. Students will research, discuss, and struggle with major issues in communication such as freedom of speech, media impact, modern technology, and the information superhighway. Students will be pressed to expand and refine their Christian perspective regarding communication with the study of the role and responsibility of communication in society. Students will examine current communication theories, research, and research design.

See the course catalog for more information.

Minor Options

Education Emphasis

An education emphasis is also available with the communication program. As you study speech and communication you'll also train in education, giving you the tools to teach others.

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Ready to take the next step?

“Through my coursework in communication, the professors have taught me – and shown me through their own actions – how to be a Christian communicator. They’ve shown me the overarching principle that God must be honored in all communication and how to practice that in my own life.”

- Clarissa Kraayenbrink
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Student Stories

Dordt students and alumni use their gifts to make a difference in the world. Check out their stories to see how Defender Nation lives out our mission to work effectively toward Christ-centered renewal in all aspects of contemporary life.

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Questioning Fearlessly

Ashley Bloemhof

The endless opportunities that Dordt English and Communication departments allowed Ashley to pursue helped prepare her for all the different encounters she faced after college.

Ashley Bloemhof

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A picture of a women holding a clapperboard

Community, Opportunity, and Confidence

Ellen Inggrid Dengah

During her time at Dordt, Ellen was able to overcome her language barrier and prominent Indonesian accent and become heavily involved in theatre, digital content, and the international community.

Ellen Inggrid Dengah

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A picture of Kyle

Creation and Collaboration

Kyle Fosse

With Kyle's first time at Dordt also being his first time out of Africa, he took the opportunity to grow and ran with it, becoming heavily involved in extracurriculars and the community that Dordt had to offer.

Kyle Fosse

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Bridge to Overseas

Dale Vande Griend

Dale's growth and experiences at Dordt have allowed him to serve as a 'bridge' between people back home and the people in all of the distant places that he is able to travel to.

Dale Vande Griend

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Reaching Her Greatest Potential

Abby Vander Werf

With both of her parents being Dordt alumni, Abby knew she was walking into an amazing organization that would provide her with an abundant of opportunities, and that it did.

Abby Vander Werf

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A picture of Stephen Kloosterman

Exposure to New Ideas

Stephen Kloosterman

The abundance of writing opportunities for Kloosterman at Dordt allowed him to grow in his writing skill and knowledge and go on to pursue his life in Journalism.

Stephen Kloosterman

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A picture of Jenna Stephens

Taking Chances

Jenna Stephens

Coming to Dordt with little art experience, Jenna was able to learn and grow as an artist over her four years and develop all the skills she needed to find a successful career after college.

Jenna Stephens

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