It's All in the Extras

Isaac smiles at the camera

Since he was in middle school, Isaac Rohne has had it in his mind that “one of the best ways to serve people is through training them in business skills.” In fact, his own goal is to start his own business so that he can reach out to others in need and provide them with skills training. Specifically, he’s drawn to the food service industry.

It’s probably not surprising, then, that Isaac currently serves as the managerial president of the Future Leaders and Mission Entrepreneurs (FLAME) club at Dordt. The FLAME club operates two coffee shops on campus: the Bunsen Brew located in the Science and Technology Center as well as the 55th Avenue Coffee Shop in Kuyper Apartments. Club members work at the coffee shops, and what they make goes toward trips and conferences that help students develop better business acumen and gain an understanding of what it means to be a Christian in business.

“Part of my interest lies in the coffee service industry, so leading the FLAME club was a no brainer for me,” he says. “Perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned is the value of initiative. Whether I am looking at my own role or at others’, the best experiences and events that we hold through the club are those where somebody took initiative and made it happen – where a few key individuals with a work ethic back it.”

Isaac has shown initiative in his four years at Dordt, particularly by being heavily involved in co-curriculars. He’s been a track and field thrower, leader of the swing dance club, team lead of Production Arts, Gaming Guild vice president of tabletop gaming, and a singer on a worship team.

“I’ve also been involved in Jazz Choir, Concert Choir, and the Cannons of Dordt men’s choir,” he adds. “These have all been incredibly valuable experiences in their own ways.”

He says he’s gained skills in time management, conversation, online communication, and teaching.

“But even more than that, I can say with great confidence that you can find great community if you’re willing to look for it,” he says.

What he’s enjoyed most about his Dordt experience is “all that extra stuff,” he says. “All the co-curricular activities have been absolutely life-giving for me.”