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With Dordt’s management emphasis, you’ll learn from practiced professionals with real-life experience in managerial positions. You’ll also understand the value of servant leadership. You’ll become an expert in managing a team. And you’ll learn to create a successful atmosphere in the workplace.

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Program Overview

Maybe you hope to work at a faith-based nonprofit. Perhaps you want to build a company from the ground up. Or maybe your dream is to lead an organization through effective management strategies. Whatever your goal is, Dordt’s management major will help you achieve it.

The management emphasis is a program built on a biblical foundation that equips you well for business decision-making. You’ll leave here ready to make a difference, empower others, and lead well.

What You'll Learn

Through Dordt’s management program, you’ll learn what separates a good manager from a great one. You’ll learn the foundational principles of business. You’ll get hands-on experience through management internships and projects. And you’ll develop an understanding of how God can use you for His Kingdom in your professional life. Classwork includes serving through sales and retail, lean enterprise and CI, and management for entrepreneurship and small business.

What You Can Do With A Management Emphasis

Management is a broad professional category. The question isn’t what can you do with a management emphasis, but what can’t you do? Here are just a few of the types of jobs you’ll be ready for when you graduate:

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager oversees the recruitment, hiring, and training of new sales staff members.

Management Analyst

Management Analysts advise a company on ways to improve their efficiency.

Operations Manager

Operations Managers perform a variety of duties that assist the smooth operation of a company.

Students who choose the management emphasis will complete six business administration courses and one statistics course, in addition to completing the general requirements for a business administration degree.

  • Human Resource Management: Introduces students to the role that Human Resource Management (HRM) plays in organizational settings. Course content is geared towards developing the foundational body of knowledge required of entry-level HRM practitioners and is organized around the four foundation areas of HRM expertise: staffing and recruitment, employee and organizational development, compensation and benefits administration, and labor relations.
  • Leadership Studies: Involves the study of human behavior and how individuals influence that behavior. This course will reflect a diversity of perspectives on leadership and motivation. Students will examine different models, skills, and styles of leadership, review common traits of effective leaders, and evaluate, from a Christian perspective, the ethical and moral issues facing leaders.
  • Intermediate Excel Techniques: This course will provide a development of skills needed to become proficient in the use of spreadsheets. Students will use PivotTables, charts, and organizational tools while incorporating many formulas to make their spreadsheets come to life. A main component of this course will be hands-on learning with students becoming peer instructors for one another. This elective course is designed for students majoring in business who are in their sophomore, junior, or senior year.
  • Project Management: This course is an introduction to the field of project management. The primary objective is to acquaint students with a broad basic overview of project management and the role of a project manager throughout the five primary processes of managing projects. The course will also cover common agile methodologies and principles because of how they relate to project management. The agile project management process encourages frequent inspection and adaptation, teamwork, accountability, self-organization, best practices that allows for rapid delivery and high quality, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.
  • Marketing Management: Prepares students to manage the interacting forces in the market to facilitate exchange processes between the producer and consumer. Strategic planning and implementation of all areas of marketing within acceptable ethical standards will be discussed. Through case studies and a simulation students will apply the concepts learned in Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing.
  • Production and Operations Management: Designed to acquaint students with the theory underlying production and operations management, to give them practice in solving the kinds of problems confronted by managers of production and service operations, and to inform them of the opportunities and challenges in the field.
  • Organizational Behavior: An advanced study of the theory and practice of organizational behavior. Topics include personality, motivation, group leadership, organization/work design, and group/team dynamics. Specific emphasis is placed on the diagnosis of organizational dysfunction and the design and implementation of appropriate Human Resource Management-driven interventions.
  • Business and Technical Writing: Students will study the process, application, and characteristics of business and technical writing, and the way in which writing style, strategies, content, and clarity will relate practically to one’s profession. Concentrates on developing competence in a variety of writing tasks commonly performed in business, law, industry, social work, engineering, agriculture, and medicine.
  • Introductory Statistics: An introductory course in statistical techniques and methods and their application to a variety of fields. Topics include data analysis, design of experiments, and statistical inference including confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Exposure to statistical software and a substantive student project are also part of this course.

See the course catalog for more information.

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