Administrators who have had the opportunity to employ graduates of Dordt's Teacher Preparation Program consistently share three things. First, your program is rigorous and relevant. Second, your teachers are well-prepared for the classroom. Third, how can we get more Dordt graduates for our school?

Our program is designed to blend theory and practice. You will be in the classroom on the first day of your first year and your last day before graduation. Field experiences will be built into your classes, as will opportunities to volunteer with afterschool programs, coach, and more. Each opportunity will help you deepen your understanding of and preparation for knowing how to teach, what to teach, and who you teach.

Get ready to meet professors who are passionate about equipping people with the skills to respond to the call of teaching. Get ready to meet classmates who will become lifelong colleagues and friends. Get ready to meet a network of people who are excited about what it means to teach Christianly.

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