Dr. Tim Van Soelen

Executive Director of Educational Centers

Greetings! This is my 18th year as a professor in the Education Department at Dordt College. Prior to coming to Dordt, I served as a middle school math/computer science teacher in Redlands, CA, and as an elementary school principal in Sioux Falls, SD. I've had the privilege of teaching at every level, from kindergarten PE to middle school math to high school technology courses to undergraduate educational psychology to Master's courses in school leadership. My current responsibility include serving as the Executive Director for the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (www.cace.org), an organization that helps PK-12 Christian schools fulfill their mission and oversight of three of Dordt's centers - Stepping Stones Preschool, Thrive Center for Applied Behavioral Analysis and the Thrive Center for Achievement.

My research interests include school leadership theories, employment practices of Christian schools, the use of technology in schools, and how to train highly effective teachers and school leaders. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is to walk alongside practicing teachers and administrators who are passionate about teaching and leading Christianly. I enjoy the opportunities to get inside the doors of many PK-12 schools every year to discover best practices, offer assistance as needed, and build a network of Christian educators.

When there is a great teacher in every classroom, I think my work will be finished!

B.A. Dordt University (formerly Dordt College), Secondary Business Education
M.Ed. Azusa Pacific University, Educational Technology
Ed.S. University of South Dakota, School Superintendent
Ed.D. University of South Dakota, School Leadership