Tools to Teach

A picture of Calvin

After attending Dordt for four years, Calvin Wunderink felt prepared to take a chance.

Post graduation, he accepted a teaching job at the Christian International School of Prague in the Czech Republic.

He is teaching math and computers and has lived in Prague for six months.

“Dordt gave me the tools and experience to become a competent teacher,” Wunderink said. “They helped form me who I am today. The school I teach at values community and the transition from Dordt to here was smooth as a result."

Wunderink gives credit to the professors at Dordt for helping him develop his teaching skills and abilities.

The opportunity to student teach for an entire year was the most beneficial experience for Wunderink. Working with students and gaining the hands on experience is the best way to grow and become more confident as a teacher.

Wunderink is many miles away from friends and family and the community of Sioux Center is something he misses.

As for now, Wunderink is planning on continuing to work at the Christian International School of Prague and use the skills he learned at Dordt to make a difference in student’s lives.