Mathematics affects every part of our lives. Its theories and methods make advances in science, medicine, and technology possible. High-level mathematics is vital to many parts of society, including health care, weather forecasting, space exploration, Internet security, and special effects for movies and video games.


At Dordt College you'll receive personalized, quality instruction from Christian professors who are committed to helping you develop your mathematical talents. Dordt's mathematics program will provide you with excellent technical preparation for a wide range of vocations.

Mathematics majors and minors will have the opportunity to take a variety of advanced courses in abstract algebra, modern geometry, analysis, and discrete mathematics, as well as special topics selected by students and faculty. Opportunities also exist to participate in active research alongside members of the faculty and present your work locally, regionally, and nationally.

At the same time, Dordt's mathematics program will help you see that math can be applied in ways that are both good and bad for society and the world. You'll understand how quantitative and spatial patterns show God's good governance of the world, how logical consistency shows the dependability of God's rule, and how the coherence and applicability of mathematical theories show the unity and interconnectedness of creation. A biblically based, Christian perspective won't make 5 + 7 anything other than 12, but it can contribute to a healthy way of viewing and using mathematics.