Building Relationships and a Major

A picture of a women with brown hair wearing a blue shirt

Jenna arrived at Dordt unsure what she wanted to major in and nervous to find her own place. She went through many variations of math, biology, chemistry, and statistics until taking Introduction to Biochemistry during her second year at Dordt. Jenna realized that she loved biochemistry and spent that summer creating her own major that fit her interests.

As she completed her degree, Jenna had many research opportunities that helped her succeed. As an undergraduate student, she was able to begin publishing papers, conducting research, and attending conferences. Because Dordt is primarily an undergraduate school, Jenna was able to make projects of her own. These experiences helped Jenna as she applied to graduate school, where she now attends the University of Michigan, pursuing a PhD in Biological Chemistry.

In addition to deciding on a career, Jenna was able to find a place at Dordt, with a built-in community that soon felt like home. She participated in band, choir, and Swing Dance during her time at Dordt. Coming from public school, Jenna also appreciated how integrated faith was in her education. She has become more intentional about connecting faith to her work.

“Dordt is a place where you can create meaningful relationships not only with your peers but also with your professors,” she says. “Having such close relationships with your professors and especially with your mentors means you can get more personalized education. During my years at Dordt, I was able to meet one-on-one with professors because their doors were always open.”