A picture of Tom Clark

Dr. Tom Clark

Professor of Mathematics


Ph.D. University of Nebraska, (Mathematics, 2014)

M.S. University of Nebraska (Mathematics, 2010)

M.A. Point Loma Nazarene University (Education, 2007)

B.A. Calvin College (Mathematics and Secondary Education, 2004)


Prior to joining Dordt's faculty in 2014, I earned my Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying fluid-structure problems using partial differential equations. Now I'm leading our Actuarial Science and Statistics programs and thinking about pedagogical questions relating to teaching Statistics. Additionally I am working in the area of the scholarship of teaching and in the mathematical preparation of teachers. I am also the director of the Northwest Iowa Math Teachers' Circle. In my free time I enjoy playing board games and baking sourdough bread.


Falling Water: A Modeling Story. PRIMUS: 34:2, 168-181, 2023.

Stipends Successfully Swell Circle, Journal of Math Circles: Vol. 2 : Iss. 1 , Article 8, 2021.

Flappy Bird in Space: An Impulse Minimization Problem. Mathematics Magazine. 94:2 99-112, 2021.

Classroom and Computational Investigations of Camel Up. College Mathematics Journal, 52:4, 289-296, 2021.

Weighing Fog: Modeling on Day 1 of Differential Equations. PRIMUS, 29:7 648-661, 2019.

A mixed variational formulation for the wellposedness and numerical approximation of a PDE model arising in a 3-D fluid-structure interaction. Evolution Equations and Control Theory. 3(4) 557-578, 2014.

Classifying polygonal chains of six segments. Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications, 13(4) 479-514, 2004.

Courses Taught

Math 152 Calculus I

Math 153 Calculus II

Math 201 Multivariable Calculus

Math 204 Differential Equations

Math 207 Number Theory

Math 208 Modern Geometry

Math 209 Numerical Analysis

Math 215 Univariate Probability

Math 216 Multivariate Probability

Math 291 Problem Solving Seminar

Math 303 Advanced Linear Algebra

Math 311 Real Analysis

Math 315 Complex Analysis

Stat 131 Introductory Statistics

Stat 148 Financial Mathematics

Stat 201 Applied Statistical Models

Stat 202 Econometrics

Stat 320 Mathematical Statistics

Stat 352 Long Term Actuarial Mathematics

Stat 353 Short Term Actuarial Models