In Dordt's communication department, you'll learn how television, radio, print media, social media, the Internet, and everyday conversation connect us with each other and how they shape our society. Our major will give you background in areas such as speech and body movement, digital media, culture, the printed word, and graphics. Dordt's program offers a broadly focused Christian perspective on the field.

Preparing for a career in communication, including professions such as public speaking, journalism, public relations, or filmmaking, means learning how to make appropriate and sensitive choices about the way you use technology and the way you treat people. The goal is to develop competent decision-makers who have a variety of communication skills. You'll study people: what they are interested in, what they're motivated by, and what they aspire to become.

Because you, like most people, may change jobs several times in your life, you'll need a strong base from which you can adapt to different careers. Annual surveys of employers show that communication skills are the number one strength they are looking for. Our strong commitment to a Christian perspective in all aspects of life means you will be prepared not only for the job market, but also for making a difference in the world.