Community, Opportunity, and Confidence

A picture of a women holding a clapperboard

Ellen’s time at Dordt had a huge impact on who she has become. She arrived at Dordt naive and afraid to question her professors in class. She struggled with the language barrier and prominent Indonesian accent. Although she still makes mistakes, Ellen directed actors and took on the main role in a stage play. She also wrote many research papers, literary analyses, a short film screenplay, and a one-act play in English.

“I think I am more assertive and skeptical than I was before. For someone who was as timid as I was four years ago, an environment where everybody talks nicely helps me gain confidence in myself.”

Another memorable experience during Ellen’s time at Dordt was filming a documentary in Lesotho and South Africa with other students, a Dordt alumni, and a professor.

After graduating, Ellen began working at a video internship at Ascent Community Church in Louisville, Colorado. Eventually, she hopes to direct her own feature film.

“I did so much at Dordt and I had a blast. If I were to go to college in Indonesia, there is no way I could be as involved in theatre, digital media, and the international community, and at the same time, learn about history, writing, and science. I also gained more confidence in what I have to offer, thanks to my mentors and friends and Dordt.”