Creation and Collaboration

A picture of Kyle

Kyle’s first day at Dordt was also his first day out of Africa. Everything was new and exciting, and he wanted to find a way to tell stories. Through his time at Dordt, Kyle gained skills and experience that allowed him to achieve his goals.

“Dordt has offered me more opportunities to create and collaborate than I could ever imagine,” he says. “I've written and directed two short films, performed in seven theater productions, and designed sound and posters for two shows. I also got to write a full musical and watch it performed on stage in front of hundreds of people. Now I'm finishing up my first feature-length screenplay.”

Outside of theater, Kyle took every opportunity to grow and experience new things at Dordt. He sang in the choir, took voice lessons, traveled on a short-term mission trip to Kentucky, and began participating in sound design. Kyle also gained confidence and maturity by wrestling with theological and philosophical ideas. He is grateful to the faculty for helping him figure out what he believes and giving his identity a solid foundation.

After graduating, Kyle was offered an internship at the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts, where he worked alongside Broadway directors and Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actors. At Dordt, Kyle has overcome his fears and turned his ideas into a reality.

“Dordt has not only encouraged me to do these things, but it’s taught me how, and given me all the necessary mentoring, tools, and motivation to get them done.”