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Do you love to paint, draw, or sculpt? Are you looking for a Christ-centered art education where you can utilize your creativity to the glory of God? A major in art and design at Dordt University might be a great fit for you. 

As an art and design major, you’ll learn how to compose eye-catching designs that convey emotion, creativity, skill, and professionalism. Pursuing a Christian art degree at Dordt University means you'll learn how to use your skills as a response of praide to God and to create beauty in the world around you.

After graduating from Dordt, you'll be able to pursue a career in fine art, graphic design, art education, or architecture. 




Be challenged. Be changed.


Program Options

The graphic design emphasis will prepare you for a career in art's biggest growth areas: web design and motion graphics. Several students have produced award-winning projects in professional competitions at at area, state, and Midwest region levels.

  • With a fine art studio emphasis, you'll explore design, drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics, printmaking, photography, and graphic design.
  • If teaching and art are your passions, an education emphasis will prepare you for a career as an art teacher. You can combine art courses with education courses to gain teaching certification for either elementary or secondary education. For more information, request the education information sheet.
  • The art history emphasis allows you to dive deeper into art history. The multimedia background it offers will open up a world of ideas and techniques that will help form your ideas about "good" or "Christian" art, and it will give you a better understanding of the aesthetic and cultural dimensions of life.
  • Our innovative pre-architecture program prepares students for a master of architecture program and a career as a licensed architect. Complete a B.A. degree from Dordt in art to prepare you for graduate-level accredited architecture programs. A separate pre-architecture information sheet is available on request.


Art majors find internships at local companies and production firms as well as through the Chicago Semester Program. It is not unusual for companies to hire students following an internship.

As a graphic design student, you will design projects for clients, including such things as T-shirt designs, logos and signage, event posters, and brochures. In advanced graphics classes you'll work with off-campus vendors and customers, plus you will learn to write copy that works with the design. You'll assist with production pieces printed on campus in the well-equipped copy center and gain critical understanding of the computer output printing process. You'll also have an opportunity to become a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts(AIGA) through our Dordt student group.

Logos designed by Dordt students have been selected for use by several nonprofit organizations, including Siouxland Blood Bank, Royale Meadows Health Center, Central Minnesota Christian schools, and IAPCHE (International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education).

You can build a portfolio and gain practical experience during your college years by working with the college newspaper, yearbook, or art journals, or by pursuing other freelance opportunities. You can also get involved in local art activities on campus and off, painting murals, contributing to art shows and sales, and teaching art classes for area youth.


The fine art and graphic design spaces at Dordt University are some of the newest on campus. They include:

  • More than 11,000 square feet of studio space, including large painting, sculpture, and ceramic studios with skylights. We also have a printmaking studio, darkrooms, four ceramic kilns, and display galleries featuring student work from current courses and rotating displays of exceptional work from past students.
  • A cross-platform Mac and PC digital media lab for graphic design and motion graphics animation, giving an opportunity to learn both computer environments. Computer workstations are equipped with the latest Adobe software for graphic design, website design, illustration, and photography, including After Effects animation software, the industry standard for motion graphics and animation for video production.
  • A multimedia lab with image scanners that digitize and import photographs and artwork into graphic layouts. You can draw, manipulate photos, and generate images within layout programs to create an infinite variety of images and combine hand-drawn art and logos with typography and color manipulation.

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Matthew Drissell

Matthew Drissell
Associate Professor of Art
Department Chair

CL 1204
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Vaughn Donahue

Vaughn Donahue
Instructor of Graphic Design

CL 1203
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David Platter

David Platter
Assistant Professor of Art

CL 1205
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