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Art Minor

Painting. Drawing. Sculpting. Designing. Creative pursuits driven by skill and vision. If you have a passion for crafting your vision into works of art, consider an art and design minor from Dordt. It will prepare you to put your artistic passions to good use in your career.

Dordt’s art and design minor offers a Christ-centered art education where your creativity reflects the glory of God. It also combines fluidly with a number of majors Dordt offers, helping you become a well-rounded and successful professional in the working world.

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Program Overview

As an art and design minor at Dordt, you’ll learn how to compose eye-catching designs. You'll also learn how your artistic skills can reflect God’s glory. You’ll learn to create beauty in the world around you.

Dordt’s art and design minor coursework includes a balance of classroom learning, training in digital media programs, and hands-on work. You’ll have opportunities for internships. You’ll design for local companies and organizations. And you’ll create real, practical work before you graduate, so you’re ready to succeed in the workforce.

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What You'll Learn

The art and design minor focuses on design classes that will challenge you, encourage you, and prepare you for success in the future. You’ll take classes in design theory and drawing. You’ll also choose from courses in art history and fine arts classes such as painting, photography, and graphic design. And you’ll leave ready to impact the world through your art and design skills.

What You Can Do With An Art Minor

When you minor in art and design, you’ll have tools to support nearly any field your major leads you into. You’ll have opportunities to combine your love for creativity with a rewarding professional future, and you’ll understand how you can use your creativity to glorify God in the process.


An Artist uses their expertise and creative mind to create different forms and pieces of art.


An Animator will typically use illustrations and computer programs to create graphics and animations.


A Photographer uses their technical expertise to capture images that serve as an aide to a story or event.

To earn an art minor, students will need to complete an art theory and art drawing course, two art history courses, two first-level studio art courses and two second-level studio art courses.

  • Design Theory: Manipulation of two-dimensional design through the use of the basic art elements: line, shape, value, color, texture, and space. The course is intended to develop a visual vocabulary and an imaginative approach to design.
  • Drawing I: Acquiring the basic skills of drawing through an objective investigation of reality. Common media and tools are used.
  • Art History: Ancient and Medieval: This course is the first of a three-semester survey of the history of the visual arts. It investigates the role of the visual arts in the historical and cultural development of world civilization between prehistory and the 14th century.
  • Art History: 14th to 19th Centuries: This course is the second of a three-semester survey of the history of art. It covers the history of architecture, painting, and sculpture from the 14th century through the 19th century.
  • Art History: Contemporary Art and Architecture: This is the third course in a historical survey of art and architecture. The course will begin with the foundations of modernism in the last half of the 19th century and then cover the plurality of styles in the 20th century.
  • Non-Western Art History: This course studies non-European art and culture including Islamic, Japanese, and Chinese art.
  • Sculpture I: An introductory course emphasizing 3-D design and utilizing a variety of materials including clay, wood, plaster, stone, and mixed media.
  • Ceramics I: An introduction to clay and the basic process of slab, pinch, coil, and wheel-thrown constructions.
  • Painting I: An introduction to painting, emphasizing techniques and methods of communicating ideas visually.
  • Printmaking I: An introduction to some basic printmaking methods including serigraphy, linocuts, collographs, and intaglio.
  • Photography I: An exploration of black and white photography as an art form. Students must provide their own 35mm camera.
  • Graphic Design I: An introductory class in the use of the Macintosh computer, covering basic layout software, object-oriented drawing software, and a paint program for scanning, image manipulation, and their use in graphic design. Through assignments that address the functional and experimental aspects of typography, students explore the interaction of form and meaning in typographic design. This course provides an initial exploration of visual communication issues and applications along with design methodology.
  • Drawing II
  • Sculpture II
  • Ceramics II
  • Painting II
  • Printmaking II
  • Photography II
  • Graphic Design II: A continuation of Art 240, students apply their growing knowledge of the interaction between typography and visual form to specific design situations. Type/image relationships are important aspects of this course. Typographic syntax and arrangement are stressed. Design methodology, research, the development of a variety of ideas, and print production technology is emphasized.

See the course catalog for more information.

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