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Graphic Design

Turn your design visions into a reality with Dordt’s graphic design emphasis. This interactive program teaches you how to solve design problems and accomplish goals through art. The design process also allows you to engage directly with clients. That means you’ll regularly have chances to share Christ’s love and service through your design work while helping them reach their desired outcome.

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Program Overview

With a graphic design emphasis, you’ll design projects for clients—from logos and brochures to T-shirts, signage, and event posters. Your creativity will help organizations engage audiences, drive a message, and build successful brands.

How? It starts with a combination of hands-on, working world experience and classroom insights from experienced professors. Dordt’s graphic design emphasis will prepare you to live out your faith in a fast-paced, dynamic industry that’s always changing and blazing new trails.

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What You'll Learn

Think of an advertisement or message that caught your eye today. Odds are it involved graphic design. And if it caught your eye, it probably involved good graphic design. By studying graphic design, you’ll learn how to create eye-catching designs that accomplish goals. You’ll also learn the philosophy of design and why it matters. Some of your course options include graphic design, web design, and motion graphics, with a variety of other classes to consider as well.

What You Can Do With A Graphic Design Emphasis

For starters, having an emphasis in graphic design gives you a ton of career options. The advertising field is ripe for good design, with jobs available for graphic designers, creative directors, production artists, and more. But if advertising isn’t for you, you can also find work as a multimedia artist, an illustrator, or a web designer. And those are just a handful of the many opportunities you’ll find.

Web Designer

A Web Designer is in charge of creating and designing the layout of a website.

Creative Designer

A Creative Designer is responsible for creating a rough layout for design projects and refers to it throughout the completion of the project.

Multimedia Animator

A Multimedia Artist or Animator will typically use illustrations and computer programs to create graphics and animations.

Students who choose the graphic design emphasis will complete various art and graphic design courses in addition to completing the general requirements for an art degree. Additionally, students will take a principles of marketing course and pick between taking Painting I and Drawing II.

  • Printmaking I: An introduction to some basic printmaking methods including serigraphy, linocuts, collographs, and intaglio. Class size is limited.
  • Photography I: An exploration of black and white photography as an art form. Students must provide their own 35mm camera. Class size is limited.
  • Graphic Design I: An introductory class in the use of the Macintosh computer, covering basic layout software, object-oriented drawing software, and a paint program for scanning, image manipulation, and their use in graphic design. Through assignments that address the functional and experimental aspects of typography, students explore the interaction of form and meaning in typographic design. This course provides an initial exploration of visual communication issues and applications along with design methodology.
  • Web Design: Using projects that simulate real-world web design situations, learn the basics of organizing, designing, and constructing web-based interfaces common to the professional web design process by using Adobe applications, specifically Dreamweaver. A basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is advised and a working knowledge of the Internet and web browsers is recommended.
  • Motion Graphics: This course is an introduction to the art of 2-D and 3-D digital graphics animation and interactivity for video, Web, and DVD. Students will gain knowledge of digital animation and its history. Projects are centered on getting hands-on experience and will integrate learning with real-world video production. The course also focuses on planning, design, and production using lectures, demonstrations, workshops, and screenings. Students will focus on using the most popular software programs.
  • Graphic Design II: A continuation of Art 240, students apply their growing knowledge of the interaction between typography and visual form to specific design situations. Type/image relationships are important aspects of this course. Typographic syntax and arrangement are stressed. Design methodology, research, the development of a variety of ideas, and print production technology is emphasized.
  • Graphic Design III: A continuation of Art 340, this advanced course presents complex design situations. Students are involved in extended projects such as identity systems with various components including website design, families of package design, utilitarian design or poster designs developed in a series. Students are expected to cultivate and demonstrate a high level of comprehension about the interrelationship between visual form and meaning.
  • Painting I: An introduction to painting, emphasizing techniques and methods of communicating ideas visually. Class size is limited.
  • Drawing II
  • Principles of Marketing: A study of marketing institutions, product development, channels of distribution, price determination, promotion methods, government influences, and ethical problems facing marketing personnel. Includes a foundational study and discussion of business from a Christian perspective.

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