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Individual Studies

Are you interested in a major that combines different interests and academic disciplines? At Dordt, you don't have to commit to a straight out-of-the-box kind of major. We will work with you to design the major that's right for you. When you major in individual studies, you get a curriculum that fits you and an experience that will challenge and change you in all the right ways.

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Program Overview

Every individual studies major will look a little different, but each will involve our Core Program and reformed, Christian teaching.

Together, you and your adviser will devise a 124-credit sequence that creates a unified program to fit your interests and your career goals. This will include the courses that make up Dordt's Core Program, a major consisting of at least 45 credits, and electives-all carefully selected to fit with your desired area of study.

Our dedicated faculty commits to providing a learning experience and environment unlike any other. Our campus is a place to learn, grow, and make memories that last a lifetime. And when you leave Dordt, you’ll know more than just what you want to do for a living. You’ll understand how God can use you and your unique gifts and skills to make an impact for His kingdom.

Two-Year Associate of Arts General Studies Degree

Dordt also offers a two-year associate of arts degree with a concentration in general studies. The two-year general studies degree allows students to tailor their education to meet their personal needs and interests.

This type of degree is a great option for students who want a well-rounded Christian college education, but aren't interested in a four-year degree. Students take the core courses and choose from electives that will allow them to pursue their individual career goals.

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What can I do with a degree in individual studies?

Individualized studies graduates have a strong background in analysis, interpretation, and problem-solving. Many begin a graduate program for a master's or a Ph.D. or attend law school. Others seek work in a non-profit organization or a corporate setting.

As an individual studies major, you’ll set yourself on a one-of-a-kind course toward success. The classes you choose will open up doors for you in whatever career field you pursue. By the time you graduate, you’ll likely find professional opportunities that weren’t even on your radar at the start of your time at Dordt. Through careful planning and a commitment to achieving excellence, getting your individual studies major at Dordt will be the first step toward a professional career you can be proud of.

Students will take courses from Dordt's Core Program, a major consisting of at least 45 credits, and electives -- all carefully selected to fit with students' desired area of study, while also gaining a strong understanding of Dordt's reformed, Christian perspective

To learn more, you can also view the program strengths and learning outcomes for this program.

A student desiring to complete an individual studies major must submit a proposal to the registrar no later than the end of the junior year. The proposal must include a rationale for why an individual studies major meets the educational goals of the student, and a sequence of courses that meet those goals and will make up the student’s major. This major should be no less than 45 credits that ensure depth and breadth of understanding in the area(s) selected.. Students who wish to plan an individual studies major should see the registrar to discuss the specific requirements and policies (students must have a 2.50 GPA with a minimum of 30 credits to be eligible).

Students will choose 45 credits that ensure depth and breadth of understanding in the area(s) selected that must be approved by the registrar.

See the course catalog for more information

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Student Stories

Dordt students and alumni use their gifts to make a difference in the world. Check out their stories to see how Defender Nation lives out our mission to work effectively toward Christ-centered renewal in all aspects of contemporary life.

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Building Relationships and a Major

Jenna Veenstra

In addition to developing her own path to her future career, Jenna was able to fit right into the built-in community at Dordt that became her second home.

Jenna Veenstra

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At Home in Ukraine

Eric Hoeksema

It’s interesting how God directs our lives, says Eric Hoeksema ('03).

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