Falling for Creation and its Creator

A picture of Macy Jacobsma

Macy arrived at Dordt excited to get a fresh start and meet new people, but nervous about not knowing anyone. During the next four years, she made friends who challenged her perspective and gained confidence. Macy went on a PLIA trip, won an intramural championship in co-ed volleyball, worked as an admissions assistant, and went on weekend vacations with her friends.

“I've fallen more in love with the Creator of the universe and his creation,” she explains. “I've made friends who grew up around the world and challenged me to take off my cultural lens. I learned the value of being a leader and an encourager. I've become someone who values experiences and relationships, over sleep or responsibilities. I've learned that a true, organic community is something I will strive to create wherever the Lord leads me in life. Dordt has impacted every part of who I have become.”

Macy completed her Professional Development School internship, which includes a year of student teaching, and began working as a middle school softball coach and public school teacher. At Dordt, she became a lifelong learner in teaching strategies to help students best. Most importantly, Macy learned that her identity is only through Christ.

“Truly there is no other place that would allow me to do more or prepare me to do more like Dordt has. Dordt gave me grace when I failed, encouragement to step out of my comfort zone, and love during every season of life. Dordt has shown me that every part of life should be permeated by the Spirit, and it is in this space that we can do more through Christ.”