Beyond Coursework

A picture of Kyle Vander Zee

Design and Construction Engineer at Thomas Engineering Group
Lombard, Illinois

“I have spent some of my time in construction management working on roadway projects,” says Vander Zee. “Most recently, I have been working in the planning and design department. This includes doing a variety of work including crash analysis, drainage design, and many other tasks necessary to put the plans, drawings, and specifications together for new roadway projects. I also have spent a lot of time on a contract as an in-house consultant at IDOT in their Bureau of Traffic working on traffic safety projects.”

Vander Zee found that the engineering program at Dordt prepared him in ways beyond the obvious coursework. “During my senior year three of my classmates and I were able to use the concepts we'd learned in the classroom in order to design a bridge over a river in Liberia, Africa. We also had the privilege to travel to Liberia and build it. Not only did it give us valuable technical experience, but it gave us a unique cross-cultural experience.”