Grounding in God's Story

A picture of Darrin Beekman

Biomedical Graduate Student at University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“As a graduate student at the University of Minnesota, I am exploring and designing surgical ‘smart’ tools,” says Beekman. “The sensing and control methods implemented in these new tools will increase the efficiency, safety, and efficacy of medical procedures -- improving quality care for patients and eliminating mistakes in the operating room.”

Looking back on his college experience at Dordt, Beekman sees the most valuable aspect of Dordt’s engineering program as the “grounding of our work, specifically in engineering, within God’s story.” Beekman says, “Learning and understanding how seemingly simple design decisions can be an obedient or disobedient response to Christ's call on our lives instilled a greater sense of responsibility, creativity, and purpose in my vocational thinking.”