Overcoming through God

When Brittany arrived at Dordt for her freshman year of college, she was ready to have the “college experience” by meeting new people, attending events, and getting involved on campus.

“My freshman year I went on PLIA (Putting Love Into Action) to Cincinnati and it was one of the highlights of college for me,” she writes. “There is something unique about going on a trip with just students to serve over your spring break that just makes wonderful memories.”

While pursuing a degree in psychology, Brittany participated in theater and choir, and spent a semester studying abroad at Oxford. However, her college experience was put on hold by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The return to campus presented new challenges, as Brittany found herself questioning God and focusing on her own problems. “After being quarantined twice and missing a concert and one of my play performances, I felt pretty beat,” she says. “I felt as though I was fighting an uphill battle. But the Lord continued to work on me even when I tried to push him away and felt as though he wasn't there. God is helping me overcome.”

Brittany’s time at Dordt taught her to rely on God and grow as a person. She is grateful for professors who are passionate about their courses and Dordt students and faculty who love the Lord.

“The community of Dordt has also greatly impacted who I've become, or rathery, who I am becoming. I have been pushed in my faith through the friendships that I've made and the classes that I have taken. Going to Dordt has made me a more open-minded, curious person. I feel better equipped to serve God in his kingdom, and I have learned so much about my field and about people that are different than me.”