Into the Unknown

A picture of Anna Blauw

When she arrived at Dordt, Anna was shy and unsure of her identity away from the people and places she grew up with. Her experiences at Dordt helped her focus on who God wanted her to be and challenged her to try new things and gain confidence.

“Dordt has helped me overcome a fear of heading into the unknown,” she says. “My freshman year I went on PLIA over spring break and I was so scared to spend a week far away from the familiar, with people I had just met. Because of this experience, and the people that I met, I understand the beauty of putting myself into situations that are out of my comfort zone and getting to know people that have different interests than me.”

As a music education and performance major, Anna also participated in Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra. One of her most memorable experiences at Dordt is traveling around the country and world, playing music and meeting people.

“I love the experience of bringing music to so many different people and ultimately sharing the message of Christ with all of them,” Anna says. “While we are on tour we stay with host families in their homes. This is an amazing chance to connect with the broader Dordt community and learn about the culture of the place where we perform and stay. When I went to the Netherlands with the choir last June, one of our host families took us on a bike tour of their town and it was amazing to see a personal side to a country that holds so much heritage for me.”

These experiences and the Dordt community helped Anna grow in her faith and understanding of herself. After graduating, she began pursuing her master’s degree in harp performance.

“My experience at Dordt has helped me understand how the faith that I grew up with is my own. God has shown me his faithfulness during my time at Dordt and I am so thankful that I got to spend the last four years at a place where I was able and encouraged to grow my relationship with God. The community at Dordt, specifically the professors who have taught me and the friends I have made, have helped me grow in my knowledge of my field, my understanding of myself, and in my knowledge and love of the Lord.”