Inspired to Act

A picture of Matt

Matt’s time at Dordt challenged him to think about how faith impacts his life and drastically changed the way that he saw his relationships, other people, his passions, and his career ambitions. During his four years, he had many opportunities to participate on campus. His most memorable experiences include filming a satirical documentary about climbing Iowa’s highest points, playing drums in Dordt’s talent show and for fun, and traveling with the worship band and an art class. Matt also got to spend a semester in Nicaragua, where he learned to surf, went sledding down a volcano, formed lifelong relationships with his host family, and learned about the rich history of a new country.

He also had opportunities to grow in his field, such as doing summer research “which helped [me] get into a competitive biostatistics summer program in Denver the following year.”

Matt says that the best thing about Dordt is the student body.

“I have never met such a large group of kind, caring, and compassionate people who are truly willing to invest in you,” he explains. “The professors are also incredibly personal and are always more than happy to help you outside of class. The relationships you make and the changes in perspective that you find that are truly what's important.”

After graduating, Matt began working as a mentor in Dordt’s statistics program. In the future, he hopes to live abroad again and pursue a master’s in biostatistics. He is grateful for the connections to faculty members that he made through Dordt, which guided and set up Matt for success after graduation.

“The opportunities they have provided for me go much further than classwork and college. Without them, I would be much less confident in leaving for the real world. Dordt also has students that are ready to try new things, go on adventures, and make the college experience amazing. They have profoundly affected the way I see the world, how I interact with others and my relationship with God. They inspire me to act, to do, and to enjoy the process.”