Actuarial Science

If you enjoy mathematics and its applications to real world problems, especially those in finance, you might consider becoming an actuary. Actuarial science is an interdisciplinary field that helps companies manage financial risk through mathematical and statistical modeling, an important skill in an increasingly data-driven world economy.

Dordt's distinctively Reformed, comprehensive education provides the context for an academically rigorous major or minor that will prepare you for a career as an actuary. 

Our program goes beyond merely training in moral and ethical behavior to exploring what a Christian approach might look like when it comes to risk management, modeling chance events, and using data-driven decision-making procedures. Dordt students leave the actuarial science program with an integrated Reformed worldview and strong technical skills that put them in a position to provide national and global leadership in actuarial science.

If you are interested in a career at the intersection of mathematics and finance, and interested in an academically strong and unashamedly Christian program, we hope you'll give Dordt serious consideration. If interested in actuarial science, check out the letter from Professor Nathan Tintle. We hope you'll come visit us soon!


  • Excellent pass rate on preparatory exams which are a key to success in the field (e.g., 100 percent exam pass rate over the last two years), as well as 100 percent placement into actuarial positions upon graduation.

  • Connections with a network of Dordt College alumni and others that give students a leg up on the competition when seeking internships.
  • A world-class teaching faculty that is at the cutting-edge of their field in disciplinary expertise and teaching practices, dedicated to their faith and beliefs, and who are accessible and committed to serve students at Dordt College.
  • A cohort of other students who are highly interested in actuarial science who together explore opportunities to visit corporations, attend conferences, host speakers, and study together for exams.