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Business Administration (Online A.A. Degree)

At Dordt, we offer an associate’s degree in business completely online. You will not only learn how to excel in marketing, management skills, and leadership but also how to apply your Christian worldview to your work in the business field. The online business associates degree is a fast-tracked program that will allow you to kick start your career.

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Program Overview

Dordt’s online business associates degree program will prepare you to excel in your career through a combination of classroom education and real-life application. This means that you’ll be ready to do business, not just know about it.

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What you’ll learn

You’ll have the opportunity to develop specific job skills while also strengthening your ability to think critically. This program will prepare you for whatever path you wish to pursue.

What you can do with a Business (Online A.A. degree)

This online program will prepare you to step into professional settings where you could serve in a variety of areas such as management roles, leadership opportunities, and entrepreneurship paths.

Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you could work selling a product from business to business (B2B) or from a business directly to a consumer (B2C). Sales associates sell all kinds of products ranging from motors to dog food, to pharmaceuticals, or clothing and makeup.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant helps keep an office running smoothly. They are often the hub of activity as they organize schedules or flights, assist with filing, and ensure that necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Customer Service Representative

Many industries have customer service representatives who are responsible for handling calls and emails regarding customer concerns. This involves having the business skills needed to understand how to balance both business and consumer interests, and doing so in a gracious and friendly manner.

Career Preparation

Dordt University's 2024 Career Outcome Rate was 99.4%! “This data point tells us that Dordt graduates are prepared for the careers of their choosing,” said Amy Westra, director of Career Development. “A Dordt education provides students with industry-relevant courses and connections that make a difference.”

Students are required to take six core business administration classes and an additional four business administration elective courses.

  • Computer Literacy for Business - This course teaches important computer skills used in today’s world of business. Areas of study include beginning and intermediate Excel and Word, advanced PowerPoint, an introduction to Access, and Windows and file management basics.
  • Introduction to Business - This course will prepare you to understand your calling in the business industry. This course will help develop your understanding of God’s plan for business and how you can become an effective Kingdom citizen in this area of work. This course will also help you gain a better understanding of the different roles people play within a business and the ways these roles work together for the effectiveness of the business. Finally, this course will provide students with advice on how to be successful within the business major.
  • Introduction to Accounting - This course provides exposure to basic accounting information concerning the recording of daily business transactions and the preparation, use, and interpretation of accounting records and reports.
  • Principles of Financial Accounting - Introduces the concepts and terminology of accounting and financial reporting for modern business enterprises. The course is centered around analyzing and interpreting accounting information for use in making decisions about organizations. There is a special emphasis on analyzing the balance sheet, the statement of income and expense, the statement of cash flows, and the statement of stockholders’ equity. Additional emphasis is placed on problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills that are necessary for forming conclusions about business activities and communicating these conclusions to others.
  • Principles of Management - An introductory course in management theory and practice. Major topics covered include planning and strategic management, organizational design, leadership and motivation theory, and control mechanisms.
  • Principles of Marketing - A study of marketing institutions, product development, channels of distribution, price determination, promotion methods, government influences, and ethical problems facing marketing personnel. Includes a foundational study and discussion of business from a Christian perspective.
  • Professional Practices: Career Preparation and Etiquette - Students will learn the purpose and process of preparing for a career and will learn formal etiquette useful in many areas of life. We will use hands-on learning to ascertain knowledge about finding and applying for jobs, workplace professionalism, professional interviewing, applying for graduate school, and other topics related to career preparation.
  • Elective Business Courses - See the course catalog for more information on business elective course options.

See the course catalog for more information.

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