Puzzle Pieces of Her Story

A picture of a women with brown hair in a green shirt

While she was at Dordt, Allison overcame her shyness and gained confidence through new relationships and experiences.

“I have made friends who challenged my normal, comfortable ideas of how life should be,” Allison says. “My professors made me ask questions about who I wanted to become. I have gained valuable skills in writing, researching, and the visual arts. I am less judgmental of those who think, look, and act differently than me - in fact, I value them and their opinions more than ever. I believe that these experiences have made me braver, sharper, and better than I was when I first walked onto campus.”

Allison also stepped out of her comfort zone in other ways. At Dordt, she learned that it is okay to make mistakes, ask questions, and take chances. She participated in several on-campus activities which helped her grow. Allison joined the campus newspaper, the Diamond, which taught her to be brave and talk to new people. She also tried stage managing for theatre, joined and later headed the Art Club, spent a week in New Mexico on PLIA, and participated in the Swing Dance Club. All of these activities helped Allison learn about her own skills and face her fears.

After graduating, Allison moved to Brookings, South Dakota with her husband to work, doing newspaper reporting and freelance work. She plans to explore her options as a copy editor or publications staff as her career unfolds, and continues to stay in contact with her friends from Dordt.

“Graduating from Dordt this May, I realized that I have numerous connections that I can rely on to help me as I move from one step to the next in my journey from here on out. There are so many people that have puzzle pieces, which, when handed to me, I can see how they fit into my story. With these people by my side—professors, friends, community members—I am able to do so much more than I could have accomplished by myself. Because of these people and what they have taught me I can envision myself doing great things, and they are willing to help me get there.”