Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come together each Wednesday morning when students are on campus to worship God together and to reflect as a Christian community on contemporary issues. These worship times include singing, prayer and reflections on Scripture. Chapel participation is encouraged for all students and employees. Chapels are each Wednesday while students are on campus from 11-11:40 a.m.


Check out current and past chapels on your favorite podcast platform, or at the link below:

Past Chapels

Fall 2020
Date Title
Dec 9
Christmas Carol Chapel -
Dec 2
Advent 2 -
Nov 25
Thanksgiving -
Nov 18
Remember Audio
Nov 11
Lord Over the Whole Cosmos Audio
Nov 4
Just Love Audio
Oct 28
Colossians 3:12-14 Audio
Oct 21
Patience -
Oct 16
Gentleness Audio
Oct 7
Humility Audio
Sep 30
Kindness Audio
Sep 23
Compassion Audio
Sep 16
Level at the Cross Audio
Sep 9
The Good Kind of Killing Audio
Sep 2
Get Set Audio
Aug 26
Every Square Inch in Prayer Audio
Dordt Devotions
Date Title
Aug 19
Hidden Gems: Psalm 29 with Justin Bailey Audio
Aug 5
Hidden Gems: The woman at the well with Jeremy Perigo Audio
Jul 22
Hidden Gems: Hebrew Midwives with David Westfall Audio
Jul 9
Hidden Gems: Creation Story with Sam Ashmore Audio
Jun 24
Hidden Gems: The Sons of Elioenai with Rebekah Earnshaw Audio
Jun 10
Hidden Gems: Mephibosheth with Aaron Baart Audio
Jun 3
Pentecost with Aaron Baart Audio
May 6
Senior Class Sending -
Apr 29
Test to Testimony: Moses with Jon De Groot Audio
Apr 22
Test to Testimony: Jacob with Sam Ashmore Audio
Apr 15
Test to Testimony: Abraham with Aaron Baart Audio
Apr 10
Good Friday with Aaron Baart Audio
Apr 1
Acts 1 with Aaron Baart Audio
Mar 25
Psalm 23 with Aaron Baart Audio
Spring 2020
Date Title
Mar 4
Do You Love Me More than These? Audio
Feb 26
Why Were You Searching for Me? Audio
Feb 12
Why Do You Look at the Speck of Sawdust in Your Brother's Eye, and Pay No Attention to the Plank in Your Own Eye? Audio
Feb 12
Who is it You Want? Audio
Feb 5
Will You Really Lay Down Your Life for Me? Audio
Jan 29
Why Do You Call Me, Lord, Lord, and Do Not Do What I Say? Audio
Jan 22
Do You Understand What I Have Done for You? Audio
Jan 15
Erik Hoekstra Audio
Fall 2019
Date Title
Dec 11
Christmas Carol Chapel -
Dec 4
What Do You Want? Audio
Nov 20
Why Do Doubts Arise in Your Mind? Audio
Nov 13
Grace/Truth: Porn and Other Threats to Flourishing -
Nov 6
Grace/Truth: LGBT+ Inclusion in the Church Audio
Oct 30
Grace/Truth: Sex, Gender, and the Bible Audio
Oct 23
Grace/Truth: Six Relational Do's and Don'ts Audio
Oct 16
Grace/Truth: The Jesus Way Audio
Oct 11
Why Are You Troubled? Audio
Oct 2
Do You Believe that I Am Able to Do This? Audio
Sep 25
Who Do You Say I Am? Audio
Sep 18
What Do You Want Me to Do for You? Audio