Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come together each Wednesday morning when students are on campus to worship God together and to reflect as a Christian community on contemporary issues. These worship times include singing, prayer and reflections on Scripture. Chapel participation is encouraged for all students and employees. Chapels are each Wednesday while students are on campus from 11-11:40 a.m.
Fall 2017: The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ
Date Passage Title
Aug 30
Revelation 1:1-8
Prologue Audio
Sep 6
Revelation 1:9-20
Jesus: Another Look Audio
Sep 13
Revelation 2:1-7
7 Churches: Ephesus Audio
Sep 20
Guest Speaker: Denise Kingdom-Grier Audio
Sep 27
Revelation 2:8-11
7 Churches: Smyrna Audio
Oct 4
Revelation 2:12-17
7 Churches: Pergamum Audio
Oct 13
Revelation 2:18-29
7 Churches: Thyatira - Defender Days Chapel Audio
Oct 18
Guest Speaker: Vincent Bacote Audio
Oct 25
Revelation 3:1-6
7 Churches: Sardis Audio
Nov 1
Guest Speaker: Wes Hill -
Nov 8
Revelation 3:7-13
7 Churches: Philadelphia Audio
Nov 15
Revelation 3:14-22
7 Churches: Laodicea Audio
Nov 29
Revelation 4-5
Guest Speaker: Chuck DeGroat Audio
Dec 6
Revelation 6-20
Judgment Audio
Dec 13
Revelation 21-22
The Garden City Audio
Spring 2018: "Why They Leave & Why It Matters"
Date Passage Title
Jan 17
Guest Speaker: Erik Hoekstra Audio
Jan 24
"This Cultural Moment" Audio
Jan 31
"Nones, Z's, & Digital Natives" Audio
Feb 7
Luke 10:25-37
Guest Speaker Audio
Feb 14
Guest Speaker: Billy Sanderson Audio
Feb 21
"The Lost Church" Audio
Feb 28
Guest Speaker: Brad Buser Audio
Mar 7
"The Tongue-Tied Church" Audio
Mar 21
"The Easy Church" Audio
Mar 30
Good Friday Chapel Audio
Apr 4
"The Church Political" Audio
Apr 11
Guest Speaker: Jeff Deyo Audio
Apr 18
"The Sexually Irrelevant Church" Audio
Apr 25
"The Culture-Warring Church" Audio
May 2
"Re-forming Church" -