A picture of Aaron Baart

Aaron Baart

Dordt University Chief of Staff and Dean of Chapel

I help provide spiritual direction and leadership on campus through oversight of Campus Ministries, serving on the president's cabinet, and teaching occasionally in the Theology Department.

In Campus Ministries this means preaching most weeks in chapel, overseeing missions programs (locally, nationally, and internationally), providing pastoral care for students, and giving shape to discipleship opportunities like small groups, prayer ministries, service opportunities, and more. I also help connect Dordt students to local church and parachurch ministries.

Along with Syd Hielema, I co-authored a textbook called Vivid: Deepening Your Colors. At Dordt, we use it as the primary textbook for CORE 100, the freshmen introduction class to discipleship.

I also am an avid hockey fan and local rec league coach, have five vibrant kids, a little dog named Charlie, and a creative, ridiculously talented wife who writes novels (www.nicolebaart.com). Together, we are also highly involved in community redevelopment and church planting in Liberia via a small non-profit we co-founded in 2007 named, One Body One Hope. When there's still time left over, I enjoy yardwork and travel.