Angela Perigo

Director of Faith Formation, Worship Arts Assistant Adjunct, Core 100 Assistant Adjunct

I love serving students at Dordt by offering a diversity of pastoral support including discipleship, spiritual direction, life coaching, crisis care, and mentoring.

God has each of us on an adventure in his story! I’m speaking directly to prospective and current students now: your spiritual journey as a student is precious and sacred! I love that Dordt believes in your spiritual flourishing so much that I get to be here to support you as you navigate and discover God in the midst of getting a degree, and hopefully find him at the center of it! I have lived as a pastor, missionary, and dean in seminaries, churches, and refugee camps across the globe, and seeing people flourish with Jesus is what gives me the greatest satisfaction. I look forward to meeting you over a cup of coffee (or tea! or hot cocoa!), hearing your story, walking alongside you, and cheering you on through the ups and downs and zigzags of your faith, life, and calling.

I also love being in nature, exploring new cities, and eating and cooking food from all over the world. Speaking about the world, my awesome husband and I have three gorgeous daughters born on three different continents…as I said, life is an adventure with God! I can’t wait to hear about the adventure God has YOU on.