Growing in Faith and in Agriculture

Emma Zwart decided to major in agriculture: animal science with a minor in chemistry at Dordt. She also played a large role in the Ag Club as one of the organizers for Ag Day at Dordt. These opportunities help Emma prepare for her intended career as a large animal veterinarian.

For Emma, one of the biggest selling points about Dordt was the Ag Club. She got involved in the Ag Club during her freshman year, attending meetings and helping with activities such as Ag Day and Professional Agriculture Student Organization (PAS). She became an officer to help lead the club and present new ideas.

During the spring semester of her sophomore year and the fall semester of her junior year, she was the Ag Club historian. During the spring semester of her junior year and the fall semester of her senior year, she was elected Ag Club vice president.

“I have enjoyed getting to know the members of the club and their various agricultural backgrounds,” says Emma. “I have enjoyed competing at the local, state, and national levels with the club and all the fun events we plan.”

One of those events is Ag Day. Emma and other members of the Ag Club plan and organize the animals that are present on Ag Day. The day is a way for people to come together and connect with agriculture, through reading, asking questions, and interacting with animals.

“I appreciate the most that it is fun,” Emma explains. “For some, this is one of their first interactions with farm animals, so it is so cool to see their reactions.”

Outside of these experiences which help her grow academically, Emma appreciates how Dordt helps her grow as a person.

“You are challenged to think more about your faith in a deeper level and what it means to be a part of God’s kingdom,” says Emma. “As an agriculture student, Dordt challenges you to see the bigger picture and how we are taking care of creation according to the Creation Mandate found in Genesis 1:28.”

Dordt has also helped her with spiritual development, deepening her faith and including Christian faith in every class.

“My professors care about me as a person and not that I am just another student or number here on campus. My courses have challenged me to think deeper about what my calling is and how God can be seen in all things.”