Apr 16, 2024

Dordt senior art exhibit features 10 powerful, heartfelt hymns

"Anthem," a senior art exhibit by Meggie Kleveland, features hymns depicted through collaged pieces using painting, printmaking, and other techniques. Kleveland's exhibit, inspired by her deep connection to music and faith, will be on display from April 15 to May 13 in the Art and Design Department Art Gallery.

“Anthem,” a senior art exhibit by art: graphic design major Meggie Kleveland, will be on display in the Art and Design Department Art Gallery at Dordt University April 15 – May 13. A reception for the exhibit will be held on Thursday, May 9 at 7 p.m.

“From a young age, music has had a large influence on my faith walk, and it’s been a central way for me to connect to Jesus,” says Kleveland, who is from Forest City, Iowa. “Some hymns always take me back to specific points in my life.”

So, when Kleveland was considering what theme to focus on for her senior art exhibit, she landed on 10 powerful and heartfelt hymns. She created collaged pieces that involved painting, printmaking, and other mediums and techniques.

“The central symbols were painted by hand, digitized / edited, and screen-printed,” she explains. “Everything else was a combination of collage, paint, and experimental art with found or made objects.” Kleveland says she enjoyed the challenge of creating large-scale works to fill a space and the opportunity to try out new techniques like flower pressing and paper making.

“The Lord has given me a gift and a love for art and design, and I want to give my life to him and build the kingdom with this calling,” she says. “It is my joy to present these 10 to you in the hope that you might draw encouragement and deeper love for the Lord from them, as I have.”

Kleveland says she has enjoyed the process of taking the senior exhibit from an idea to a completed series. “I’m used to creating art for a practical purpose, like promotional materials, so this senior project pushed me out of my comfort zone more to dig deep into something without being so functional,” she says. “This is the first time I’ve been able to present something of this magnitude, and it’s a great way to end my time at Dordt and in the art department.”

After graduation, Kleveland will work as a graphic designer for Van Beek Natural Science in Orange City.

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