Math Challenge

Oct 12, 2023
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Who can participate?

  • Only high school students in grades 11 and 12. Students may register as individual participants and do not have to attend with a teacher. Students from a distance can talk with the Admissions Office regarding possible reimbursement of travel costs if this is their first visit to Dordt University.
  • Teachers may register themselves and their students as a group.


The registration deadline is September 30. There is no fee to attend. Lunch on campus is included, free of charge. Disclaimer: Photographs may be taken at the event. Participation indicates the willingness of having photos displayed unless specifically requested otherwise.

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What to expect

A full day of activities that include the following:

  • Student math competitions with prizes.
  • Professional growth and networking opportunities for teachers.
  • Discussions and hands-on experiences with Dordt University professors, looking at career opportunities in math and related subjects.

Breakout Sessions

Session leaders: Math Education Students (Science Building Atrium)

Help Dordt math students decipher the clues left by a promising young math student who was maliciously attacked and murdered. The entire campus is on edge until the killer can be brought to justice. Fortunately, the victim left clues that may help us solve the mystery. Not open to repeaters.

Session leader: Marissa Chesser

It seems obvious that if you hang a picture from two nails, you can remove one nail and the picture frame will stay hanging on the remaining nail. In this session, we will use mathematics to devise way7s to hang picture frames on two (or more) nails so that removing a single nail will send the frame toppling to the ground!

Session leader: Mike Janssen

In this session, we’ll explore Nim, a mathematical game of strategy that is hundreds of years old. We’ll play the game, develop strategies, and catch a glimpse of some classic results in game theory.

Session leader: Tom Clark

This problem-solving session will require your mind to spring into action as you hop to solutions to several challenging mathematical puzzles involving frogs and toads.

Session leader: Jerry De Groot

A tube, a sphere and a doughnut are alike in that they all have two surfaces: an inside and an outside. Does every object have two surfaces? Can we build an object with only one surface? We will do several experiments dealing with counting the faces and edges of unique surfaces. Then we will use some new notion to help determine the mathematical properties of these objects.

Section leader: Nate Benjamin

Come learn the math behind the popular game of Spot It! - a game of cards, matching, speed, goofy images, and lots of math. We will discuss what makes the game work the way it does, and how to design your own version of Spot It! Maybe you can even figure out an error with the deck!

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Katie Gillespie
Science and Technology Administrative Assistant

A picture of campus behind yellow prairie flowers