Theatre Arts

Theatre can open you to the human experience in a unique way. It challenges participants to confront issues and creates a context for discussion. 

Theatre helps an audience ask “what if?” and leads them to think about how to live before the face of God. Plays can put flesh on our worst side, making us want to repent, and, by God’s grace, become better human beings.

Our program integrates the study of theatre with the doing of theatre. We use a collaborative, problem-solving approach that emphasizes learning to think critically.

Dordt College is among a handful of Christian colleges with a stand-alone theatre department. We offer options for those who wish to prepare for a professional career in theatre, learn to teach theatre skills, or use their experience of this vital art form to develop skills that will lead to a job in another field. Whether you wish to be a theatre major or minor—or simply to broaden your liberal arts background—we have something for you.