Computer Science

Computer information systems are used by almost everyone-organizations, businesses, government, education. Continual advances in computer technology mean that people working in this area need to know how to install, program, administer, and troubleshoot a wide variety of computer systems.

Computers are everywhere around us, making it easy to forget that such technologies have a powerful ability to shape who we are and how we live. Christians can offer leadership that emphasizes the appropriate use of computing technology and encourages service to others.

"The field of computer science provides tremendous opportunities to labor for the kingdom of God," says Professor Nick Breems. Simply learning to use today's hardware and software isn't enough. Dordt's computer science program emphasizes both skills and their underlying principles, enabling you to keep learning throughout your career as you adapt to ever-changing trends in technology."

You will receive personalized, quality instruction and advice from professors who are dedicated teachers and committed Christians. They will help you understand why things work the way they do and give you the tools to be a responsible servant leader in the organization or business in which you work. Combined with hands-on learning experiences, Dordt College's two- and four-year degree programs will prepare you for serving in information management.