Computer Science Program Profile

The mission of the Dordt University computer science program is to prepare students for competent, obedient service in the area of computer and information systems.

More about Computer Science
A male student sits and listens in class


  • High-quality instruction that reflects pedagogical variety, ongoing course updates as the discipline changes, and hands-on opportunities
  • Experienced faculty members who enjoy good collegiality with each other and genuine interest in our students
  • Solid Reformed Christian perspective
  • Curricular variety and flexibility for students, including a new Web Development minor
  • Successful alumni with good placement rates in a variety of professions


Students will be able to:

  1. Select, adapt, create, and evaluate appropriate models, abstractions, and methodologies used in the analysis, design, creation, and implementation of computer and information systems.
  2. Acquire knowledge and insight necessary for entry level work in computer and information systems.
  3. Articulate Christian normative principles for service in the area of computer and information systems, based on an awareness of societal and ethical issues.
  4. Articulate, critically reflect on, and evaluate the vision of computer, information, and communication technologies presented by other commonly held worldviews, in the light of Christian principles.
  5. Communicate effectively in oral presentations and in writing, with both those who are knowledgeable in computer technology and those who are not.
  6. Work effectively on teams.


We seek to stay current with rapidly changing trends in computer and information systems, develop a Christian response in those areas, and prepare our students to give Christian leadership in their fields.