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Psychology Minor

As long as humans exist, so will human behavior. And understanding human behavior is a skill that will empower you to understand and help others. A psychology degree from Dordt can help you develop your professional skills, determine your career path, and discover a biblical and psychological understanding of the people around you.

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Program Overview

If you’re looking for a minor to supplement and even amplify almost any major, psychology can often be the perfect fit. A psychology minor can help you more effectively communicate with others. It can help you develop empathy for others. And it can give you insights into the way the human mind functions and reacts to situations and circumstances.

A minor in psychology helps you develop a toolset to use in whichever professional field you enter after graduating.

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What You'll Learn

A psychology minor can help you more effectively communicate with others, develop empathy for others, and it can give you insights into the way the human mind functions and reacts to situations and circumstances.

What You Can Do With A Psychology Minor

Trying to list all the career paths available to those proficient in psychology would be nearly impossible. For some, careers in research and analysis provide challenging and fulfilling opportunities. For others, practical application in both clinical and non-clinical settings can be an exciting option.

Social Worker

A Social Worker is trained to assist vulnerable people and better their life conditions and environment around them.


A Counselor provides clients with support and advice in order to help them overcome obstacles and problems they are dealing with.

Behavior Analyst

Behavior Analysts observe interactions between the individual and their environment.

To earn an accounting minor, students will need to complete three psychology courses and four psychology electives.

  • Introduction to Psychology: Explaining human behavior is a wonderfully complex task, and this course introduces students to the scientific study of topics such as memory, personality, development, social influence, disorders, and others. Along the way, we will use a bio-psycho-social (spiritual) model to frame our study and will compare a biblical perspective on being human to several historical perspectives in psychology.
  • Lifespan Development: This course studies the growth and maturation of persons throughout the entire lifespan, including examination of physical, cognitive, personality, social changes, faith development, and other developmental tasks. This course will also focus on evaluating the theoretical issues and descriptive information portraying the growth of an individual from conception through late adulthood. Students will develop a biblically informed vision of who we are as image-bearers of God and what it means to be humans living in God’s creation.
  • Psychopathology: This course examines the development and symptoms of emotional and behavioral problems. Topics covered include the clinical assessment of affective disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, psychosomatic disorders, anxiety disorders, and the process of adjustment to stress. Attention will be given to personality, social, and religious factors, and their role in mental health.
  • Four psychology electives (12 or more credits)

See the course catalog for more information.

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