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Biology Minor

If you are focused on majoring in another science area but want to be as well-rounded as possible, a biology major may be your best bet.

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Program Overview

A minor in biology complements other science fields such as chemistry, physics, psychology, and others.

It also partners well with a major like education, particularly if you have a passion for teaching science. Or you may want to combine a biology minor with a major in communication, business, or political science. Having knowledge of science can open unexpected doors in a number of career fields.

What You'll Learn

You’ll have a chance to take classes on human biology as well as nutrition, microbiology, molecular biology, and more. And you’ll be ready to put that knowledge to use with whatever major you choose.

What You Can Do With A Biology Minor

There are plenty of opportunities for those who minor in biology. Here are a few options:

Laboratory Receptionist

A Laboratory Receptionist is responsible for performing a variety of different receptionist and clerical duties that assist lab personnel.

Health Educator

Health Educators provide people with the knowledge pertaining to the availability of healthcare services.

Public Health Planner

A Public Health Planner analyzes data that assists in program monitoring, reporting, evaluation, and improvement.

To earn a biology minor, students must take four biology courses plus two semesters of college chemistry, adding up to six credit hours of lab work.

  • General Zoology: A study of the anatomy, physiology, ecology, taxonomy, and economic importance of the invertebrate and chordate animals. Three lectures and one laboratory period of three hours per week.
  • Cell and Molecular Biology: An introduction to molecular mechanisms in living organisms. Topics include structure and functions of cellular components, gene structure and expression, and recombinant DNA technology. Concepts of reductionism and evolutionary theory will be addressed. Three lectures and one laboratory period of three hours per week.
  • Principles of Ecology and Field Biology: An introduction to ecological studies including topics in ecosystem and community structure, nutrient cycling, energy flow, limiting factors, and population interrelationships. The laboratory will emphasize study of local flora and fauna via field work. Three lectures and one laboratory period of three hours per week, plus one or two Saturday field trips. Prerequisite: one year of college biology.
  • General Botany: An introductory study of the anatomy, physiology, taxonomy, and ecology of the major plant groups. Three lectures and one three-hour laboratory per week.

*Plus two semesters of college chemistry

See the course catalog for more information.

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Science and Technology Center

As a biology minor, you'll have the opportunity to spend time in Dordt's Science and Technology Center. Informally known as the "Science Building," the Science and Technology Center is home to numerous laboratories of varying sizes that are used for teaching and for student research projects. These labs include a molecular biology laboratory with genomics equipment allows upperclassmen to do DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, and other types of genetic analysis and a dedicated cell culture laboratory allows students to do mammalian tissue culture experiments.

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Student Stories

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Sydney Korn

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Jenna Veenstra

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