A picture of Robbin Eppinga

Dr. Robbin Eppinga

Professor of Biology

I obtained my Ph.D. at the University of Iowa, performed pancreatic cancer research at Mayo Clinic for five years as a postdoctoral fellow, and joined the Dordt Biology Department in 2012.

In addition to performing research on cancer metastasis and intracellular vesicle trafficking with undergraduate students, I serve on the Dordt research committee, I sit on the institutional biosafety committee at Exemplar Genetics, I advise the pre-health professions biology majors, and I teach the following courses:

· Bio 122 Zoology

· Bio 125 Cell and Molecular Biology I

· Bio 201/202 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II

· Bio 213 Genetics

· Bio 214 Genetics Lab

· Bio 302 Microbiology

· Bio 335 Cell Biology II

· Bio 358 Introduction to Biological Research

· Bio 380 Directed Senior Research