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Kielstra Center for Research and Grants


In keeping with the mission of Dordt University "to equip students, alumni, and the broader community to work toward Christ-centered renewal in all aspects of contemporary life," the Kielstra Center for Research and Grants seeks to provide faculty with expanded resources for innovative scholarly activities rooted in a deeply reformed Christian context. These activities prepare faculty for opportunities of discovery, teaching, learning, application, and integrated research.

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  • Build a network of enthusiastic scholars and resource partners among Dordt University faculty, constituent stakeholders, and beyond.
  • Establish structured undergraduate mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities that are directly linked to the university's curriculum.
  • Foster continued excitement and cultivate a rigorous environment around research and scholarship within the university's curriculum.
  • Prepare students for a lifetime of creative thinking via a research incubator.
  • Expand the university's exploration of integral reformed thought and learning practices through faculty-led research projects.
  • Provide faculty resources and training within the regional, national, and international community to engage in innovative research practices.
  • Guide faculty, students, and alumni in the process of grant writing for scholarly projects

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