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At Dordt, students are encouraged to think, question, and prepare for their calling in God's world. This focus is evident in the classroom and is supported by a variety of campus ministry and outreach programs.

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A picture of the worship team performing in the BJ Haan

Worship Opportunities

The Dordt community worships together every Wednesday at 11 a.m. during the academic year. Chapel isn't mandatory for students, but the service is so awesome that 2/3 of the student body regularly attends.

To join us live for chapel, visit our YouTube channel.

Missed a chapel or want to listen again? Visit our Anchor page or our Production Arts YouTube channel to find chapel recordings on your favorite platform.

Praise and Worship provides an opportunity for the community to gather each Thursday evening at 10 p.m. Coordinated by students, these times of singing, often coupled with Scripture reading and prayer, are led by one of two worship teams that serve on a rotating basis. Praise and Worship encourages students to reflect on their unity as Christians and to form relationships with others as they worship.

All students are invited to join a campus small group. These groups are predominately student-led, consisting of 5-8 peers and covering a variety of topics and themes.

The heartbeat of small groups is not getting through a book or gaining knowledge about a particular topic but rather experiencing eternal life in the present. Jesus tells us, “And this is Eternal Life, that they KNOW you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3). This eternal life is much more about quality of life now rather than duration of life in the future, and the knowledge Jesus is talking about is not head knowledge but experiential, heart knowledge. In a campus small group, it is our desire for students to experience the life Jesus offers through community, God’s Word, and the working of His Holy Spirit.

Small groups are open to anyone and everyone on campus. Some groups are focused on prayer and accountability, others go through a book of the Bible, and some focus on a topic such as forgiveness, shame, or slowing down from our hurried pace of life.

Every Sunday, Christian churches in the Sioux Center community meet for worship. Students are encouraged to participate in these services. In fact, the college supports this activity by supplying transportation for students from the Campus Center to a number of churches each Sunday.

Local churches are very supportive of college students, and the college seeks to have regular contact with those churches to further enhance that cooperation in serving students.

Each year, Campus Ministries provides opportunities for faith formation off-campus. Whether that be retreats for students at lake Okaboji, mission mobilization weekends in Minneapolis, attending a ministry minded conference, and much more.

The hope for these faith formation opportunities is to build community, raise global awareness, develop leadership, and bring us into closer proximity to Jesus. During a students years at Dordt they will be able to experience one or a number of these.

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Pastoral Care

Recognizing the importance of the spiritual aspect of student life, the college provides pastoral counseling for students through the Dean of Chapel and Chief of Staff, Aaron Baart, and area pastors. Students seek pastoral care for a variety of reasons, ranging from a listening ear to advice on major life decisions. The Director of Campus Ministries & Worship Arts, Jeremy Perigo, Campus Pastor, Sam Ashmore, Director of Faith Formation, Angela Perigo and Pastoral Care Assistant, Gail Ashmore, are available to talk with students.

Dordt staff pray on campus


Dordt Worship inspires and encourages Dordt students, faculty, staff, and the broader community through worship music. In addition to leading at Chapel, Praise & Worship, and churches, we enjoy recording and producing worship music to share from our own recording studio.

A picture of the worship team performing in BJ Haan

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***Available on all digital distributors

Alone - Becca Groninga (Rezin)

Replaced - Carly Tillema

Here - Rainanda Badudu

Unfinished - Damon Groen

I Belong to You - Dordt Worship

Shepherd - Grayson and Jenae Bundick

Traveling Worship team

Dordt University students with a passion for leading praise and worship outside the campus serve as part of a traveling worship team. This gifted group of musicians minister in worship at churches, camps, youth groups, conferences, and other community events.

The Director of Campus Ministries & Worship Arts, Jeremy Perigo, and the Worship Arts Technical Director, Alex Priore, collaborate with students to coordinate the group's schedule. To book them for your next event, contact Dr. Perigo at

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Worship Ensembles

Dordt Worship is an innovative collective committed to bringing Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered worship across a breadth of musical styles. The collective fuses together Dordt University students along with many of the university's key worship faculty and staff, including Dr. Jeremy Perigo & Alex Priore. Whether leading for Chapel in the BJ Haan, Praise & Worship next to the Grille, on tour at a local church, or at an international conference. they love to combine diverse liturgical approaches with a mixture of musical tastes and unique instrumentation into a unified corporate encounter with God.

In addition to opportunities to serve our community in worship, students enrolled in Worship Ensembles receive 0.5 credits per semester (WA-18). Though these ensembles are supported by Worship Arts students, our worship ensembles are made up of students from across campus and disciplines.

To audition for a Dordt Worship ensemble, contact the Director of Campus Ministries & Worship Arts, Jeremy Perigo.

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