Transferring to Dordt Brings Journalism Opportunities

Glory Reitz first got to know Dordt University over Zoom. It was the summer of 2020, and she was participating in World Journalism Institute (WJI), a program hosted at Dordt that trains future journalists in storytelling through writing, videography, and radio podcasting. Usually, WJI takes place on Dordt’s campus, but during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the program had to move online.

Even over Zoom, Glory could tell that Dordt faculty were compassionate and thoughtful.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that I felt connected and cared for, even through the screen,” she says. “Professor of Journalism Lee Pitts and Professor of Digital Media Mark Volkers were both major parts of WJI, and they left me with a taste of the good teaching Dordt could offer.”

Shortly after, Glory decided to transfer to Dordt and chose to major in journalism.

“One of my favorite parts of Dordt’s journalism program is the hands-on format,” she says. “Of course, we have the Diamond, the student newspaper, as an opportunity to turn in a story and get published, but even the journalism classes are heavily focused on turning in your work and learning how you can improve it.”

She appreciates how her classes are focused on peer-editing and that her professors give her plenty of feedback, “all of which helps me look at my work from different perspectives,” she says.

Glory has also enjoyed working on the Diamond, which has given her a sense of responsibility and camaraderie since she gets to work with so many other students to create a polished final product.

“I think allowing room for improvement is key to creating good journalists with a better understanding of grace,” she says. “In a fast-paced news cycle, this mindset allows us to move on from our past work, whether we are satisfied with it or not, and go make something better.”

The Dordt Media Network has been a great learning opportunity for Glory as well.

“Working for the Dordt Media Network has a similar format because it is live broadcasting: what’s done is done. Both the Diamond and the Dordt Media Network have been excellent opportunities to do my best, find where I’m coming up short, and learn to make it better the next time.”

What’s Glory’s favorite thing about Dordt?

“I know it’s cliché to say, but my favorite part of Dordt is the community,” she laughs. “I love having running jokes with professors, and the happy shock of running into a friend in the hallway when I’ve been having a bad day. I love being at a university where we have hymn sings and impromptu debates about the Bible, where I’ve found friends I never would have met otherwise.”

After she graduates, Glory hopes to work in either print or radio journalism. She’s open to opportunities to travel for work as well.