Dordt Media Network

The Dordt Media Network exists to promote all aspects of Dordt University and provides new and exciting broadcasting opportunities for students. Students can get involved in the Dordt Media Network in a number of ways, including internships, scholarships, work-study student employment, or they can simply volunteer.

While working with the Dordt Media Network, students will focus on two key areas: Multi-Camera Live Stream Broadcast and Video Production.

Two students broadcast a football game from the Dordt Media Network lift

Multi-Camera Live Stream Broadcast

  • We engage in remote production using the DMN truck. Students work as camera, audio, instant replay and graphics operators as well as learn skills in directing a multi-camera live broadcast production. Students learn to set up and tear down of broadcasting equipment used in each live production.
  • Examples of these productions include concerts, chapel, and Defender athletics events including basketball, volleyball, and more.
  • Livestreams of streams of sporting events can be found on the Dordt Defender Network page.
A student works a music event from mission control

Video Production

  • Producing shorter format videos, television news type features that are posted on YouTube and shown during live Dordt Media Network productions. Students will learn skills in video editing, audio, and lighting for broadcast production.
  • Examples of these videos include Defender athletics game highlight videos, focus on fine arts features, staff and faculty human interest features as well as commercials/promo productions that promote different aspects of Dordt University.
A student interviews a staff member

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