Stepping Up

A picture of Lydia Smits

When Lydia arrived at Dordt halfway through her freshman year as a transfer student, she was quiet and shy. She was not the student to participate in class or individually meet with professors. Her time at Dordt changed her as a student, person, and child of God.

“Dordt has allowed me to help in the community and gain so many different experiences,” she says. “I have been able to join clubs, join athletics, and be a voice, whether that be in my field, or on the volleyball court. I have become the student who is the first to raise her hand. I have become the student who is first to volunteer to help my department. I am the student who now pushes to be uncomfortable for the sole purpose of growth. Dordt has had such a large impact on the person I am today.”

Lydia is grateful for the education she received at Dordt, and for the summer internship that helped her grow and led to her full-time job at Avera’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit in Sioux Falls.

“I was able to be a part of an internship at Avera during the summer before my senior year, which helped me grow incredibly as a nurse,” she says. “Dordt has provided me with the education and the opportunity to receive an internship in this unit that ultimately led to a job!”

Most importantly, Lydia’s time at Dordt has prepared her to serve God. She writes, “I am ready to enter the world with my Christian education from Dordt University behind me. I am ready to serve in Christ's kingdom in the sphere of nursing through the many lessons I have gained during my time at Dordt University.”