Juggling Engineering with Res Life

Regan Syverson chose to major in engineering at Dordt because he always enjoyed math and science in school and was a whiz at problem-solving. These skills have served him well in Dordt’s engineering program over the last four years.

“One thing that I have really enjoyed about the engineering program at Dordt is how the small class sizes allow you to get to know your professor and help you to get one-on-one time with professors if you are struggling in the class,” he says.

A native of Mountain Lake, Minnesota, Regan decided that an emphasis in civil engineering was a great fit for him. He also decided to serve as a resident assistant (RA) for two years and then as a Community Development Assistant (CDA) in Residence Life.

“Those positions have taught me a lot about how to interact with a wide variety of people,” says Regan. “They have also taught me how to be an effective leader and how to create relationships with the people on my wings and floors.”

Juggling engineering coursework with Residence Life work can be challenging, but Regan makes it work.

“Being involved in Dordt engineering and being involved in Res Life has helped me grow into the worker and the Christian I am going to be after Dordt,” he says. “Both of them have taught me good time management and work ethics, which will be useful in my future career. The way faith has been weaved into my engineering classes and how the Res Life team emphasizes our faith through every part of the job has allowed my faith to become my own and grow at Dordt.”

Regan says that his favorite aspect of his Dordt experience are the people he’s met.

“I have met a lot of my best friends here,” he says. “It’s also obvious that the professors and other people in charge care about you and want to see you succeed.”