Expanding Her Horizons

A picture of Hayley Visser

When Hayley began at Dordt, she was excited to make friends, get involved on campus, and learn how to teach. She was looking forward to growing up and gaining independence. Over the next four years, she achieved her goals and got to experience many new things.

During her time at Dordt, Hayley sang in Chorale, Concert Choir and Fourth Avenue Jazz. She participated on Dordt’s dance team, learning much about dedication, hard work, and what it means to be a teammate. Hayley also left her comfort zone, spending a semester abroad in the Netherlands on SPICE and traveling to Belize for an education AMOR trip.

“I have overcome my hesitation to leave the area,” she explains. “Dordt has equipped me to see God's vast world and experience multiple parts of it during my four years here, and that has been one of the greatest blessings! I have also definitely become more confident in who I am and in who I want to be. I have also been reaffirmed over and over by the professors and people at Dordt in my major choice and soon my future career choices! This helps alleviate the obstacle of doubt.”

Hayley is also grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Professional Development School, a year of student teaching, to prepare education students for work. Following graduation, Hayley began working full time at a Christian school in Des Moines, Iowa.

“Dordt has helped me figure out who I want to be by surrounding me with supportive roommates, classmates, professors, staff, and the community as a whole. Not only that, but also in the way the professors and staff model exactly the kind of character I desire to be...that has truly been inspirational! I have felt so encouraged here throughout my development. Dordt has helped me do more by opening up a world of opportunities to explore my passions, career field, and expand my horizons academically, culturally, socially, and spiritually.”